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Feb. 11th, 2011 09:59 pm
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So, that was fast. The Great Wall Sam lasted two episodes. Fortunately, Sam seems to be alright next week, but still. Shoddy workmanship, Death. (Well, what can you expect? He's not a motherfucking skeleton [or Peter Wingfield], so clearly he is an inferior Death-type being.)

Otherwise? Oh, yes, this was the Sam episode I have been waiting for. An entire episode of Robo!Sam being a magnificent bastard, and Real!Sam being a gigantic woobie. Loved, loved, loved Samuel being creeped out by Robo!Sam. And, oh, it hurt me deep, but I give enormous respect to the show for there being no forgiveness. But goddammit, I just wanted to grab Sam and hug him like a teddy bear.

And yay for Dean trying to make Sam feel better there at the end.

I have deep thinky thoughts about Sam's ongoing guilt complex, and how much is pointless guilt versus taking responsibility, and how his reactions are not necessarily valid or healthy or right just because Dean would do it too, and whether there can be or should be or should need to be forgiveness for the things Robo!Sam did. But not tonight. Maybe later.

I had deep doubts about Show coming into the season. I'm still not 100% sure about the whole monster plot, but dear christ, I'm loving what they're doing with Sam. It really is kind of like Babylon 5 season 5, with the monsters as the Alliance, Dean as Lyta, and Sam as Londo. Well, alright. Dean as G'Kar and Castiel as Lyta. Because I liked Lyta in S5 just fine -- I just thought the plot she was mired in was terrible.
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