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So, I was just browsing the news. Looks like Rahm Emanuel is the new mayor of Chicago. This is my shocked face --> O.O

I don't live in Chicago, and I never have. However, I very much would like to one day. I hear so many stories about the place, and mostly they make me smile. It amuses me that there is a place that is openly as corrupt as the day is long, but for the most part, people shrug and say, "Well, that's Chicago, and anyway, it works."

And, really, this is one of those capers that really stinks of fish, and really makes me laugh, though it seems like most people are discreetly not saying much about it. Attend:

1. President Obama is a senator for the Chicago area before becoming President.
2. Rahm Emanuel also comes from the Chicago area, and becomes his Chief of Staff.
3. Mayor Daley, who had, heretofore, ruled his city with a fist of iron and shown no signs to doing otherwise until he dropped dead of feeble old age like his father, announces out of the blue that he'll be stepping down at the first end-of-term during Obama's administration.
4. Rahm Emanuel quits his job as White House Chief of Staff to return to Chicago to run for mayor.
5. Mayor Daley's brother is announced as Emanuel's replacement as Chief of Staff.
6. Emanuel is one of six candidates running for mayor, and was not predicted to receive a majority vote, meaning there would likely be a run-off.
7. Emanuel does, indeed, receive a majority vote and becomes the new Dictator for Life Mayor of Chicago.

Wow, that's a lot of connections and coincidences they want us to buy. It's like a Tammany Hall-style game of musical chairs. Fortunately, I don't think anyone actually expects anyone to buy anything.

This is not my face of moral outrage --> :D. I'm just laughing and laughing and laughing.


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