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I haven't seen the finale yet. As a matter of fact, I haven't actually seen anything since 6x16. No particular reason, I suppose, just that I've been too tired after work on Fridays to stay up until it ends, download it, and watch it. And I've been busy on the weekends lately, so I haven't had a chance to watch them then, and after a while I just figured I'd save up 6x17-6x22 and have a marathon some time when I have a chance.

I do know what's going on, though. I've kept myself spoilered up, reading reactions and such. For this reason, I think I'll be skimming 6x20, because, sorry, even after three years of it, I still don't care about the angel stuff.

However, this leads me to a happy discovery: Misha Collins won't be a regular cast member next season! Hallelujah!

Nothing against Misha, of course. He's a good actor, and very easy on the eyes. But, sorry, I'm just so tired of Castiel. Story-wise, they should have killed him off in the S4 finale, like I think they really intended to. Or, if they simply had to bring him into S5, they should have made him human and either left him dead after Samifer exploded him, or just plain left him human and had him stay with Bobby, or go off and do his own thing, and just had him show up from time to time as a human. All of this exploding and being brought back by God, only to screw up again? Twice? Old. And kind of silly even the first time. I swear, if they explode him and have God bring him back again... Well. From what I hear, he does appear to be a baddy now, and hopefully God doesn't bring back exploded baddies.

Also, I'm not sure why anyone is surprised, now that Castiel is the new Big Bad, that Misha will have a reduced role. Supernatural has always taken the view that "less is more" when it comes to Big Bads. I mean, really. We saw the YED a grand total of three times (four if you count the swirly blood in Croatoan, and six if you count the shadowy shapes in nurseries in The Pilot and Salvation) in the two seasons he was a the villain, and didn't even find out his name until he was dead. We saw Lilith five times in the two seasons she the bad guy -- and one of those was a hallucination. We saw Lucifer more than we'd seen any previous villain, and we only saw him... six or seven times? during his one season. S6 has been sorely lacking in an over-arching, singular Big Bad, but I don't see why the SPN writers would change their MO once they have a new one in S7.

Still and all, as down on Castiel as I might be, and as much as I wish that he'd remained exploded after Lucifer Rising, kudos to the writers for finding a use for him and actually going there and making him the Big Bad.

Hopefully, I'll be able to pull some time together tomorrow to sit down and have myself a little marathon, because what I've heard about the finale? Makes me very, very excited to see it.
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