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So, it's about 7pm, and it just kind of randomly occurred to me that: dude, I live in Pittsburgh. We have the Carnegie Library system, which kicks all kinds of ass. They must do some great book sale for the holidays, right?

So I trundled over to the library website, and discovered that they do indeed have a big book sale for the holidays.

It was today.

It's all about timing, I tell you.

*slams head against desk*

And now, I must proceed to bake a cake. I suppose I could have done it earlier today, but that would have meant delaying my gratification with regards to my marathon Skyrim session.

I gloriously fail at time management. \o/
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Oh, god, yum. I do love parmesan-encrusted chicken. I don't make it often enough. And hey, miracle of miracles, the crust actually came out nice this time. Usually, it's so thin and falls off when it's cooking, but this time it was nice and solid and it stayed on till I could eat it.

Also, while the pumpkin spice cake was an abysmal failure (seriously, I have no idea if I made it wrong or if it was supposed to taste like that, but it was terrible; no one could even pretend to like it), I have found a new cake for Thanksgiving! Although the baking of it involved a couple of... ahem, blunders, the orange cranberry cake has received the seal approval from Aunt D and Uncle B, and so is a go. God, I just want to make that cake again. It was so good, I just can't stand it.

But! I dunno, is it possible to feel vaguely adulterous about cake? I love the orange cranberry cake. I am committed to the orange cranberry cake. I'm taking the orange cranberry cake home to meet my family. But... the cranberry streusel cake looks delicious. I lust to make this cake. It is new, and exciting, and unknown.

Sigh. I will be faithful. I'm the good girl settling down with the investment banker orange cranberry cake while fantasizing about the bad boy cranberry steusel cake.

Seriously. I can't make the streusal cake. I'm not going to take anything to Thanksgiving that I haven't already tried, and if I make this cake, someone has to eat it. I'm sure as hell not eating a whole cake by myself, and I don't have anyone else to give it to. At least, no one who is not going to look at me and ask me "Why are you giving me a cake?" or, "Why are you trying to make me fat?"

Maybe next year.

Can it be Thanksgiving now?
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Today, I made chicken marsala and pumpkin spice cake from scratch.

I find this equally hilarious and awesome. A couple of years ago, I could not even have conceived of being able to make anything from scratch. For chicken marsala, I'd go to a restaurant. For the pumpkin spice cake, I'd either look for a mix at the grocery store, or wait for someone else to bake it. I would have been horrified at the idea of having to deal with flour, and eggs, and cooking wine. Today? I had some chicken breasts that I wanted to eat, and I searched till I found a recipe where I had almost everything I needed, and I just made it. As it happens, it came out tasting a little odd, but not bad. Certainly edible, and a lot cheaper than a restaurant. As for the cake? It doesn't even occur to me anymore to look for store-bought mixes. I spent about fifteen minutes in the baking aisle last night, and I don't think I even looked at them.

The pumpkin spice cake in question is an experiment for Thanksgiving. Since Aunt D makes dinner, and is forever stressing out about it, I try to help by providing dessert. Last year's pumpkin dump cake was a total flop, so I'm looking for something different. Pumpkin in general doesn't seem to be all that popular with this particular Thanksgiving crowd, but it's traditional, goshdarnit. So, I'm trying out recipes. This particular cake is pumpkin, but it's at least as much spice cake, with a healthy dose of chocolate. Hopefully it turns out. I'm going to see Aunt D tomorrow, so I'll be taking a couple of pieces with me, and see whether she thinks it'll work. If not, there a few fruity cakes and cobblers I can try.

That last sentence makes the me of a couple of years ago shake her head in amazement.
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So, I seem to have broken through the block. I have four J2 AUs in my delicious account, and two more waiting in tabs, and I feel only very vaguely guilty. Fortunately, they're all massively AU, so I'm not in danger of breaking my brain. Really, as long as I make a determined effort to pretend that these people are all completely fictional characters, I'm alright.

I was rather surprised to discover that I really liked the chef!AU. Who'd'a'thunk, right? Of course, the fact that I'm kinda enamored of Top Chef (and also Hell's Kitchen; don't judge me) probably explains some of it.

And now, it is time to think about dinner. I really want a burger. However, I'm not going to be home over the weekend, and I still have most of a two-day-old rotisserie chicken, and a nearly-week-old carton of grape tomatoes that I really need to eat. Like, now. And also that already-opened bag of salad greens. I suppose I'm having another salad with chicken on top. Yay. (For the record, I like chicken onna salad. Just, you know, not almost every night for two weeks.)

But, best of all: NO CLASS ON MONDAY! HA! I get to put off my Strategic Cost homework even longer.
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Oh god, I love apple juice not from the concentrate. Can you have a foodgasm from juice?

I hunger...

Jul. 3rd, 2009 12:38 am
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I want something sweet. Something decadent. Something sinful.

I'm not sure what, though.

Not chocolate. I haven't had any chocolate for weeks, and I am surprisingly not craving it. Well, actually, alright, I did have that chocolate-y breakfast bar thingamajigger on Monday, but that really only served as a sharp reminder that -- oh, yeah! -- I think those breakfast bar thingamajiggers are nasty.

Not really ice cream. I have my favorite flavor (French vanilla, mmmmm) in the freezer right now, and I feel no real temptation to have any.

Maybe a fruity thing? Pie? Strudel? Cobbler? All of those sound so good, and yet... Gah. I'm not sure.

This is all vaguely relevant, since I should really pick out something yummy to take to my aunt's for Fourth of July.

Hm. Apple strudel. With caramel and French vanilla ice cream. Yes. This.

I think.

I'm probably the only person in the universe who goes on a not-diet, and my sweet tooth actually atrophies. What's the point of allowing myself indulgences if I'm not in the mood to indulge?
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As part of my ongoing weight-loss thing (which I am very deliberately not calling a diet), I've been trying to eat at home a lot more often. However, my culinary skills consist of: spaghetti, sloppy joes, chicken quesedillas, Hamburger Helper, and stuff that you throw in the microwave for 1-5 minutes. And I can bake a mean cake. Out of a box.

Not what you'd call the most healthful stuff in the world.

I have, however, acquired a very handy cookbook, of the quick, easy, and healthy variety. And I have been making stuff out of it. So far, I've made four of the recipes, and while I have had mixed success, all of it has been tasty. And different from what I've been eating night after night after night for... um, ever. My father made dinner for most of my childhood. His culinary skill looks a lot like mine. No coincidence.

Tonight, I had chicken sausage in wild mushroom sauce over angel hair pasta. It was pretty frickin' good, if I do say so. And I still have enough for three more meals. Yuuuuuuuuuuum.....

It hasn't exactly been cheap, but I would bet that if I plotted out how much I've been spending on some combination of Chipotle, Quizno's, Taco Bell, and McDonald's almost every day... it'd come to significantly more per day that the at-home meals. And not nearly as good for me. With the possible exception of Chipotle... I mean, I always get the steak fajita burrito, and that's just rice, steak, green peppers, onions, cheese, pico de gallo, and lettuce. Not so very bad.

Anyway, this has all just been to say... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

And now, back to my most recently acquired addictions. Why did no one tell me that Sims was actually fun? (Don't answer that...)
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The end of the TV season is always a bit depressing. Life just isn't as interesting when you don't have fictional characters' lives to become involved in. Not that I actually watch all that much TV. I think this season I was only really watching Supernatural and The Tudors. Still. The Tudors' season finale kind of killed me in a way that the Supernatural finale didn't: spoilers )

I didn't get any hamburgers yesterday, which, while disappointing, is probably just as well. My aunt and I experimented with a new recipe for tuna salad over the weekend, though, and that was delicious. Who'd have ever thought to add curry to tuna?

Anyway, holiday's over. Class tonight, and a bunch of homework due that I haven't even started yet. I suppose I should get on that, yeah?
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So, who's eating a whole coffee cake while on a diet? Yeah, I'm bad. But it's not my fault.

So, I was in class on Tuesday. The Business School building shares its bottom floor with a Panera. I have a three-hour evening class, and half-way through, the instructor gives us a fifteen minute break. Not surprisingly, a lot of us make a bee line for Panera. I wanted something sweet, and the thing I thought looked best in their bakery was the coffee cake. So I go and order a piece. And the girl says, "You want the coffee cake?" And I say, "Yeah." And it's late; I've already been sitting through over an hour of truly mind-numbing accounting fundamental concepts. I'm zoned out. So I don't actually pay any mind when she charges me six bucks. Then she says, "You want it in a box?" And, still thoroughly zoned out, I say, "Yeah." Well, she then proceeds to take about three minutes putting this box together, and I'm still zoned out and thinking, "Huh. Why did she want to put it in a box in the first place? I'll have to remember not to agree to it next time. My little piece of cake isn't worth all this, and my that's a big box for a little piece of cake." The girl then picks up the whole cake, and I think, "Oh shit."

So, now I have a whole coffee cake, which is quite delicious, but which I should not be eating by myself. But I'm not seeing anyone I can foist it off on till Saturday. By which time it will be either stale or gone. Probably gone, the way I keep sneaking "just one more piece." I'm trying to be serious about this diet, but it's being sabotaged... by FATE. Or me. I can't tell.

Aside from getting a hold of a copy of The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron, which my professor recommended, and which is so far surprisingly interesting, the coffee cake incident was the most exciting thing that has happened all week. This says something about my week, I think.

Back to laundry.
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Spent today redoing the style on my LJ. I duno, considering that I don't actually know almost any CSS, the process involved a lot of cobbling different sources together (with spit, prayers, and a healthy dose of trial and error), I think it's not too bad for a first try. :) Alas, my Frankenstein's code doesn't work on Dreamwidth. Which is fine, really, since I don't mind how DW looks, just at the moment.

Mind you, I probably should have been doing homework during all this time. Erm. Oops?

On the bright side, I ordered pizza from a new place today. I've gotten so sick of Papa John's, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at another one. Which is a shame: of the chain pizza delivery places, I always thought theirs was the best. The new place is pretty good, and their prices are... not great, but reasonable. And free delivery. Can't beat that with a sharp stick to the eye. And they have pizza with seafood. And lamb. And a nice selection of other vaguely Greco-Italian food. You might be surprised at how thrilling I find all of this.

My life is so exciting. ;)


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