May. 24th, 2011 07:02 am
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So, casting spoiler )
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I haven't seen the finale yet. As a matter of fact, I haven't actually seen anything since 6x16. No particular reason, I suppose, just that I've been too tired after work on Fridays to stay up until it ends, download it, and watch it. And I've been busy on the weekends lately, so I haven't had a chance to watch them then, and after a while I just figured I'd save up 6x17-6x22 and have a marathon some time when I have a chance.

I do know what's going on, though. I've kept myself spoilered up, reading reactions and such. For this reason, I think I'll be skimming 6x20, because, sorry, even after three years of it, I still don't care about the angel stuff.

However, this leads me to a happy discovery: Spoilers )

Hopefully, I'll be able to pull some time together tomorrow to sit down and have myself a little marathon, because what I've heard about the finale? Makes me very, very excited to see it.
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So, elsewhere, the topic came up of older novelists very quietly inserting gay characters into their books and never really mentioning it, but leaving clues for those who are interested in seeing them. The best, cleverest example I've come across is Dorothy Dunnett in the The Lymond Chronicles.

Blithering about and some spoilers for The Lymond Chronicles, which anyone who hasn't read it and has even the slightest interest in historical fiction should read. )
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Okay, so I've been thinking. A dangerous pastime, I know.

So, I love Soulless!Sam. I mean, really love him. He's adorable, hilarious, and creepy by turns. And occasionally sad, too, particularly there at the very end of 6x09. I'll be happy when he's resouled, don't get me wrong, but I'm enjoying the hell out of him at the moment.

Dean, though. I dunno, there's just been something off about Dean's reaction to Sam's soul-impairment, and I've been having a lot of trouble articulating my problem even just in my own head. I'm not entirely sure I have it even now, but I'm gonna try to work through it.

Cut for tl;dr discussion of Dean and Robo!Sam )
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So, I think I'm going to skip the ep reaction this week and move straight to the meta. This is part because I'm insanely busy this weekend, and partly because I think my reaction to this ep is a little hard to quantify, if you know what I mean.

Spoilers for 6x05 with reference to 6x06 previews )

Um, this got kinda long. Oops? I have to say, my emotional engagement this season is a little hit or miss, but my intellectual engagement is still right up there.

S6 Sam

Oct. 14th, 2010 11:53 am
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So, I was going to do an ep reaction for 6x03, but it started turning into a rather long-winded meta, and I got sidetracked in the middle, and now I'm just too tired of the damn thing even to look at it. And this is a much more interesting topic, anyway.

Meta and speculation for Sam, with some reference to future episodes. )
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I've spent the last three days mainlining Vampire Diaries. My head is about to explode. No lie.

I read the books, back in the day. I don't remember anything, really, except: 1) there was a love triangle between Stefan, Damon, and Elena (and I think even back in the days of yore, I was rooting for Stefan and Damon to dump the girl, kiss and make up, and run off together); 2) Elena ends up a vampire; and 3) a whole bunch of names, none of which mean anything to me anymore. Oh, and I remember that Bonnie was a red-headed, green-eyed psychic (witch? psychic? witch?). Who... maybe ended up with a thing for/with Damon? Yeah, I don't remember. It's been about fourteen years, at this point. Still, lack of any meaningful memory of the books aside, I feel great affection for the whole thing, even while pretty damn sure that the show has little or nothing to do with the books. I at least feel secure in the knowledge that I can enjoy the show for what it is without worrying that it's a knock-off of Twilight -- after all, I know first-hand that the Salvatores came long before the Cullens.

Anyway, yeah, the show is pretty well in line with being based on books I read when I was eleven, but it's all good trashy fun. And people weren't kidding when they said that Damon steals every scene he's in. He's just so much fun. And, ahem, easy on the eyes, as well. And man oh man, those eyes. Ian Somerhalder could easily hold his own against Matt Bomer in a competition for Guy With the Most Gorgeous Eyes. What I wouldn't give for the two of them to be in a show together where they have to stare soulfully at each other. Those eyes could cause heart attacks. Sheesh.

Over the course of the last fifteen episodes, I've had many thinky thoughts about characterization, the treatment of female characters, and the negative impact of relationships in the show, but I don't think I'll bother writing any of them down. I'm not trying to fool anyone: I'm watching for Damon's snark and Ian Somerhalder's eyes. Shallow pleasures are what summer is for, after all. Right? Right. And when it comes to digging way the hell too deep into a show, I think I've met my lifetime quota with Supernatural.
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Once upon a time, back when I was but a mere tweeny-bopper, I watched Babylon 5. I actually began watching at right about the time that Season 5 was getting started, but back then, B5 was to TNT as Law & Order currently is. I was able to get a pretty good idea of what was going on through the reruns as I watched the fifth season first run. And lo, I was confused. The show that I was watching in reruns was awesome and epic. The show I was watching in first-run bore almost no resemblance to that other one. Several years later, when I finally got online and become involved in the already-fading B5 fandom, I learned some of the details. The show's creator, JM Strat-however-the-fuck-you-spell-his-name, henceforth known as JMS, had had a five-year plan for his show. This plan was an epic story filled with fascinating characters. However, making this show was something of a rocky road. The obstacle that concerns us here is that, going into the fourth season, the network sort of let it be known that this was the last year for Babylon 5. JMS was determined to finish his story, though. So he squeezed all the rest of his epic story arc into the fourth season. And that was it. All the major plot arcs were resolved. Several major characters died or left. Those that were left were in places of resolution. It was a series finale, and a brilliant one at that.

Then, at the absolute last minute, the network decided to renew B5. Disaster. There was no more story left to tell. The epic was over.

What to do? They had to do something, so they just muddled through. I can only assume that they hoped that whatever they could come up with on the fly would match the brilliance that had come before. If that was indeed their hope, they failed. Season 5 was a trainwreck. Beloved characters were missing. They were replaced with new characters we didn't care about. Some of the remaining characters acted in such OOC ways as to be essentially destroyed. Most of the plots were boring. It was painful to watch.

That said, Season 5 wasn't an unmitigated disaster. I frankly though that the Londo/G'Kar/Centauri Prime storylines were excellent. "The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari" and "The Fall of Centauri Prime" are among my favorite episodes of the entire series.

So, this is how I saw it. The story ended in Season 4. That was it, that was the end. Nothing else counts. Season 5 was an addendum, and counted for no more than any of the various spin-off movies or tie-in books. Which is to say: cherry-pick. Any little bits of canon from those sources that you like? Keep. Anything that annoys you? Dump. As far as I'm concerned, the Londo character arc, the Londo/G'Kar friendship arc, and the Centauri Prime story arc all absolutely happened. The Lenier character arc and the telepath story arc absolutely did not. Everything else happened, but I just don't think about it.

And so, I'm happy. I get to pretty much jettison a miserably bad extra season while keeping any bits that turned out to be good.

This is essentially the attitude that I'm taking going into SPN S6. Is it inevitable that season 6 will be as much of an abject failure as B5 S5? No, not at all. I am, in fact, hopeful. But even if it does turn out to be terrible... who cares? The epic story line that'd been building since the Pilot is over. Everything that happens from here on out is extra. If it's good? Keep it. If it's bad? Dump it. Simple.

All that being said, I'm not sure why everyone's flipping out over the spoilers. Pretty much everything I've read so far sounds pretty good. There's one or two things that give me pause, but even those things might turn out not-so-bad. And there are a couple of things that were mentioned that have made me out-and-out excited.
Cut for spoilers, just in case anyone actually somehow reads this )

SPN 5x22

May. 21st, 2010 12:15 am
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So, I suppose I should just go ahead and do my post on the SPN S5 finale.
5x22 )

God. Between this and class, my brain is officially fried. And also, this has pretty well run longer than some of the codas I've read in the last week. And I still have more to say. And I will, inevitably, say it. Tomorrow. After finishing up my game of Civilization.
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So, I stopped reading comics regularly a couple of years ago. I had a number of reasons, most of them practical. But part of it was that I just wasn't having fun reading them anymore.

Comics, done right, are the like the perfect distillation of character over plot. Plots come and go, and are generally pretty irrelevant in the scheme of things. The characters endure, and this past decade or so, most of what comics have been about is how the characters react to the various irrelevant plots. Add in some characters that I genuinely like and care about, and it's like a never-ending dream come true. Endless character development. And I had a fairly substantial list of characters that I did care about. Still care about, if I'm honest.

Lately, though... well, since round about the time of Identity Crisis, which wasn't actually all that recently at this point, it's started to feel like the comics industry has become a competition to see who can assassinate characters the fastest. I don't get it. The point of me reading comics was that I cared about the characters. Why on earth would I want to read the comics if the characters I like are dropping like flies? On top of that, characters are basically all DC and Marvel have. Yes, yes, they also have premises, but I don't want to read about some dude who's bitten by a radioactive spider unless it's Spider-Man. And by Spider-Man, I mean Peter Parker. And more specifically, I want Peter Parker, the thirty-something husband of Mary-Jane. Now, over at DC, I don't mind that Bruce is supposedly dead and Batman is now Dick Grayson, both because I know and like Dick, and I also know that it's not going to stick. On the other hand, DC has been particularly egregious when it comes to turning its books into pointless bloodbaths. It's as if the current administration there (read: Didio and Johns) somehow believe that no one will like their books unless there's a huge body count in every single issue.

The example that springs to mind is the Trickster. James was a long-standing, though minor, character. He'd been moldering along in obscurity quite nicely, brought out every now and again when someone thought of him, and hey, I really liked what Johns did with him over in The Flash. Granted, the Rogue War devolved into utter nonsense by the end, but I liked the way the old Rogues were brought back out of retirement. Then, it turns out that James and Piper are going to be major characters in Countdown to Final Crisis. And, frankly, they were the most entertaining part of that gigantic trainwreck. And then, BOOM. Trickster's dead. For absolutely no reason except shock value.

Same thing with Una and Karate Kid. There was no reason for them to die. When you get right down to it, there was no reason for them to have been alive at all to begin with, let alone a reason to kill them. Trying to figure out a Crisis timeline that would allow Karate Kid to be alive at all is enough to make my head hurt, and I have to figure it out, since nobody bothered to explain it. He'd died before the original Crisis - his death shouldn't have been undone by any of the subsequent Crises. And yet, inexplicably, it was. And he was, with no explanation at all, brought back to life to take part in a boring and completely nonsensical storyline... where he died. What the hell was the point of that? If they wanted him dead... he was already dead! It seems that the only reason for him to be there at all was so that they could kill him. Why? If we care about the character, we want to see him live and have future adventures. If we don't care about him, and indeed weren't supposed to care about him, why waste our time?

So, yeah, it annoys me when they kill minor characters for shock value. But what really gets me is when they kill off characters with potential. Once again returning to the mess that was Countdown... take the Jokester. I liked the Jokester. It seems like a fair number of people did. I thought that he'd make an awesome addition to the DCU. But then they killed him, I believe, only about a half-dozen issues after introducing him. Why? There was no reason to kill him. They created an interesting, likable character, and then just, poof, he's gone forever. Why?!

This is, of course, completely leaving to the side entire series of issues devoted to nothing but the opportunity to kill characters. It doesn't make any sense. Many of the characters they killed were long-standing. They'd been used in stories off and on for decades. Left alone, they very likely would have featured in stories for decades to come. Killing them off is a waste, and a disservice to future writers.

*sigh* This is a rant that's been brewing for a long time, but it was really set off when I decided to browse through the Justice League: Cry for Justice mini this evening. It was all a pointless (completely pointless) bloodbath. They ripped off Roy's arm and killed his daughter. For no reason but shock value. And on top of that, they've killed off Prometheus. I swear, if they keep killing off villains at the rate they've been going, they'll soon have none left. And that's one top of the faceless body count that is at least in the thousands.

It's just frustrating, you know? Every character that DC or Marvel creates has potential, has readers who care about them and want to see what happens to them. Killing characters without a means of resurrection is just a waste.

P.S.: I'm still waiting for Jean Grey to come back to life. Come on Marvel, I'm waiting. You've made your point. I mean, Jean coming back is an inevitability, but if you're going to be stubborn, at least give us Madelyne back...
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More ponderings on 5x03 )

SPN 5x02

Sep. 18th, 2009 08:18 pm
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Oh, thank god, the week from hell is over. (And if I never have to dress up in that monkey suit again, it'll be too soon. Except for how that monkey suit cost a fortune, and I'd sure as hell better get more than one wear out of it.)

Now begins... you guessed it, the week from hell, redux. Well, not that bad, really. The G-20's gonna be in town on Thursday and Friday, and classes are mostly canceled. Those that aren't? Yeah, I foresee me coming down with a G-20-induced case of swine flu, if you know what I mean. No way am I going anywhere near campus when Michelle Obama is hosting a dinner party for 20 world leaders two blocks away. Traffic and security would be a nightmare. That's not even figuring the press who are prolly gonna be clogging the streets.

Anyway, I finally got to see SPN 5x02 )
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Saw Star Trek today. I'm reminded why I'm not a Trekkie.

Kirk, Spock, and Uhura were likable, but not particularly captivating. On the other hand, Bones and Scottie were hilarious.

Plotwise, I spent most of the film stifling my desperate cries of "Black holes don't work that way!!" I thought we had moved past this whole black-holes-as-logicless-plot-conveniences thing that was so popular in cheap sci-fi. Cut for pointless rant on black-plot-holes. )

I don't require that sci-fi be scientifically sound, or even particularly plausible. That would take all the fun out of it. I only ask that it not insult my intelligence.

Though, speaking of Nero's ship... more plot hole ranting )

I may have spent entirely too much time thinking about this.

Really, though, aside from my screaming frustration with the black holes, and my annoyance with old!Spock, the movie was good fun. Really, if they decide to make a spin-off series called "The Bones, Scottie, Sulu, and Chekov Hour," I would watch it. And there was a pleasing number of explosions. And a red shirt getting killed. Good stuff.


May. 14th, 2009 05:28 pm
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In conclusion from previous meta. )

With only three-and-a-half hours to go, I do believe I'll stop there, and we'll see what happens. Hopefully, my heart won't be irreparably broken.

Yeah. That's likely.


May. 10th, 2009 12:10 am
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So, I was rewatching The Monster at the End of This Book, and speculation for 4x22 )

Let's review: timeline for the demon/apocalypse storyarc )

As for the rest, we'll learn next Thursday. I am very tired, now. I'll try and think about any conclusions that can be drawn from all of this tomorrow. By then, hopefully I'll be thinking more clearly, and I won't have to backspace over every other word I type.


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