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I've been looking for the Supernatural anime ever since it was released. I'm very much out of the loop when it comes to finding anime downloads, though, and it's not showing up in any of my usual haunts. So I was reduced to watching a very bad raw copy on YouTube. It's been a number of years since I watched anime with any sort of regularity; still and all, I remember enough Japanese to make out the very edges of what the characters are saying. To whit:

Some bits that were amusing, or that I understood unusually clearly )

And that's as far as I got before the terrible quality of the video and my own frustration left me very susceptible to distraction, and I ended up going and reading [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter's Rule 26 instead, when I got the notification that it had been updated. Which was another exercise in frustration -- I always forget how much I hate reading WIPs.


I love languages. I'm not especially good at any other than English, but I love poking and prodding at them. Since Japanese is one of the foreign languages I know best -- which speaks mostly to my total ignorance of other languages rather than any particular talent for Japanese -- I like being able to dissect some of the subtleties that you get in that language but that don't translate at all into English.

Like, for instance, I was a little startled to discover that both Sam and Dean, in the anime, refer to their father as "oyaji." Insofar as I've ever seen the word translated as anything other than just "Dad," it's been along the lines of "Pops," or "the Old Man." Kind of slang-y and just a bit disrespectful. I mean, on the one hand, it makes a certain amount of sense for Dean, with his overall irreverent attitude. Still, what with his absolute devotion to John, I would have given even odds (if I'd thought about it at all) of him using freaking "chichi-ue" ("honored father"). Sam, meanwhile, I can kinda understand the irreverence, given his relationship with John, but Sam tends to use a slightly more formal, more normalized mode of speech than Dean. You can actually hear this in the anime, with Dean displaying a lower-class accent, while Sam has a more standard accent. Anyway, I would have expected Sam just to use "otousan" (the very standard, normal "dad").

One wonders if either of the boys uses "oyaji" to John's face, however. I doubt it. Although, maybe Sam. Just to be rebellious.

Less surprising were the pronouns they chose for the boys. Dean, naturally, is an "ore." As if he'd be anything else, "ore" being the way a macho young man refers to himself. Sam, meanwhile, predictably, is a "boku," which is a much milder, though still informally masculine, way of referring to oneself. He's not quite uptight enough to refer to himself as "watashi," and I'd be pissed at the implication that he was if they'd gone with that. That being said, when/if the anime gets to the events of late S3, S4, I'd be very interested to see if Sam switches to "ore." Sam post-Mystery Spot, pre-Lucifer Rising seems like an "ore" kind of guy to me. Ditto for Robo!Sam. And I'd bet good money that for S5, and post resouling, he'd go back to "boku." I'd like to see that. And I'd like to see them make a big deal about the changing pronouns. A subtlety that of course would not survive the translation, but I'd sure as hell appreciate it.

It'd be like that one scene in Please Save my Earth, where eight-year-old Rin, who is, at the same time, thirty-something-year-old Shion doesn't know whether to refer to himself as "boku," like the child does, or "ore," like the adult. When he changed pronouns, it marked an extreme change in tone -- at the time, he was declaring his love for his teenage neighbor, Alice. Using "boku," what you had was a confession of innocent love from a child to an almost-adult. When he switched to "ore," it became a very adult declaration of a very adult kind of love. It killed me that there was no indication of that change in tone in either translation, the sub or the dub, because it was brilliant and creepy.

These are the toys I love to play with.

And now I am going to go distract myself from the fact that I really, really want to read more of Rule 26, but there is no more, and probably won't be for another month or two. ([livejournal.com profile] fleshfultter is currently signed up for Big Bang again... which does not give me high hopes for how quickly Rule 26 is going to get updated, at least until after May.) I want to know how this can end well! With Jared and Jensen living happily ever after, and Dr. Nekrotic dying a fiery, agonizing death. Except how it'd be very hard for both of those things to happen. (Or maybe Jared sticking around to act as Nekrotic's conscience, so no more planets get burned up? Except Nekrotic needs to burn for all of that.... Goddammit, I didn't mean to get so invested!!)


May. 25th, 2010 01:33 pm
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When you come right down to it, I am a geek. Specifically, I'm a geek who loves lists. Kind of always have been. When I was, say, about eleven, I decided to pull out a notebook and make a list of all the books I owned, title and author. For the record, I'm pretty sure the number hovered around 800. Yeah, I had a lot of books. But, see, knowing how many books I had, and which books they were, and where I had them stored (I had so many, I had to be rather creative in regards to storage) wasn't enough. I had to know how many pages they all had, and how much that added up to. So I spent days going through every book I owned, writing down the page count, and then even more days going through with a calculator adding it all up. And then I wanted to know how many words that was, so I started trying to come up with an estimated wordcount per page. Looking back on it, I might have been (and might still be) just a little OCD.

When I got my first computer, and discovered spreadsheets and databases, well. Things started getting a little out of hand.

Then I got into fanfic and discovered del.icio.us. My obsession with tagging is actually a little frightening.

In the spirit of my obsession, I spent a couple of days going through the upcoming Big Bang descriptions and posting dates, and created a database of the ones that I thought looked interesting. I'm currently resisting the temptation to start creating multiple tables and adding several new fields of descriptors, like: Have I read anything by that author before? If so, did I like what I read enough to save it to delicious? If not, did I like it, but just not enough to save it? Am I interested in reading the fic because the description sounds good, regardless of the author, or am I willing to look at it because I trust the author regardless of whether I found the description interesting? Or is it a fic with an interesting description written by an author I trust? Am I really eager to read the fic, or is it just something I'll take a look at? And so on.

But anyway. My point is that I figured out how many Big Bangs I'm currently planning on at least attempting to read (112, for the record). And that got me thinking. I still have a bookmark folder filled with fics (mostly Supernatural and CWRPF) that I want to read but haven't had a chance to get around to. The folder is quite large. I'll never ever lack reading material. But, I knew that a few of the fics in that folder were Big Bangs from previous years. So, I decided to go through and tag all them, to see how many. It took all night, but I finally discovered that I still have 38 Big Bangs from 2009, and 11 from 2008 bookmarked and waiting to be read.

But figuring out how many I had waiting to be read was not enough. It got me thinking: how long would it take me to actually read all of those? And wordcounts are much more useful in figuring that out than just numbers of fics (after all, a fic of 100,000 words would take considerably longer than one of 20,000). So I went through every one of the Big Bangs that I have bookmarked, and put the wordcounts into a spreadsheet (separate columns for 2009 and 2008), and added it all up. I have 2,158,612 words (give or take, since most of the given wordcounts are approximate, and even I'm not obsessed enough to go through all of them to get accurate counts, even with my handy-dandy wordcount addon for Firefox) worth of fic to read. In addition to the 112 fics (minimum of 20,000 words each, so a minimum of 2,240,000 words total, with an absolute guarantee that pretty much every single one of them will be over the minimum, with many of them being considerably over) for this year.

And still my obsessive geekery is not satisfied. I have read that the average mass market paperback holds an approximate average of about 300 words per page. My own investigations (which involve pulling random books from my shelf, counting the words from a random line on a random page, and multiplying it by the number of lines on the page) suggest something closer to somewhere between 400 and 500 words per page. In the spirit of compromise, I decided to divide the wordcounts by 400. Which means that for previous years' Big Bangs, I have approximately 5,397 pages worth of fic to read. At an average of perhaps 400 pages per novel, that's about 13.5 novels. For this year, there will be a minimum of 14 novels worth of material. If I assume that the average wordcount for this year will be similar to last year, and that the 49 wordcounts that I currently have in my spreadsheet offer at least a semi-valid sample, then the average wordcount will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 44,053 per fic. So, for 112 fics, that's 4,933,970 words. Which boils down to about 31 novels.

This has actually been kind of embarrassing. I swear, I'm not actually obsessive compulsive. Except possibly where it comes to my delicious tags -- 16 bundles holding 1,498 tags might be a little excessive for most people, particularly given how often I feel compelled to go back through my 800 bookmarks to add entirely new descriptors.

And for those of you playing at home, this post has been 957 words long.
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So, I decided to start trolling through some rec lists for J2 fics, particularly Big Bangs, opening promising looking fics in new tabs. Yeah, the tabs got completely out of control, and I now have a bookmark folder with thirty-nine entries.

Keep in mind that these are roughly thirty-nine Big Bangs, or otherwise quite long fics. Most of them are over 20k words, and a few of them are over 100k.

This is getting a little out of hand. No way am I going to have time to read all of this. On top of school, and the actual, honest-to-god books I'm in the middle of. I'd really like to be able to finish The Book of Lost Things.

I'm so tired right now, I just can't think about it. Thank god tomorrow (er, today?) is a holiday. No class for me... though I do have to do homework. Guh.

Well. Bed, for now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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So, I seem to have broken through the block. I have four J2 AUs in my delicious account, and two more waiting in tabs, and I feel only very vaguely guilty. Fortunately, they're all massively AU, so I'm not in danger of breaking my brain. Really, as long as I make a determined effort to pretend that these people are all completely fictional characters, I'm alright.

I was rather surprised to discover that I really liked the chef!AU. Who'd'a'thunk, right? Of course, the fact that I'm kinda enamored of Top Chef (and also Hell's Kitchen; don't judge me) probably explains some of it.

And now, it is time to think about dinner. I really want a burger. However, I'm not going to be home over the weekend, and I still have most of a two-day-old rotisserie chicken, and a nearly-week-old carton of grape tomatoes that I really need to eat. Like, now. And also that already-opened bag of salad greens. I suppose I'm having another salad with chicken on top. Yay. (For the record, I like chicken onna salad. Just, you know, not almost every night for two weeks.)

But, best of all: NO CLASS ON MONDAY! HA! I get to put off my Strategic Cost homework even longer.
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Hm. Well, so far my foray into RPF has been something of a non-starter. I've gotten about a third of the way through [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter's "Someone You Might Have Been," but I've been stalled for almost a month. I've got [livejournal.com profile] lotrabc's J2 OZ AU open in tabs, but it's been there for weeks, and it's perhaps telling that it's buried so deeply in my tab trees that it took over a minute to find it. Mind you, I have something like fifty tabs open at the moment, so losing something is easy to do. Other than those two fics (and [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion's very brief J2 fantasy AU, which I did manage to finish), I haven't even made an attempt to search out any RPF.

Part of it is that I'm still very uncomfortable evening thinking too hard about non-AU RPF, and so I hesitate to look very closely at J2 rec lists. Part of it is that, well, it seems like a lot of the fics I'm willing to look at are either college/high school AUs, or completely off-the-wall AUs. Weird stuff I'm fine with, but stuff like ice skaters? I'm just not interested.

Oh well. I suppose that'll be something for me to work on over Christmas break. Along with the knitting that I have to finish up for the parental unit's present. And needing to (again, because I'm unbelievably anal) redo the tags on my Delicious account. And get some more progress done on Dragon Age: Origins. And get some reading (of actual books) done. And cater to my step-mother and her obsession with doing stuff. Did someone say something about Christmas break being restful? Dear zombie Jesus on a pogo stick.

SPN 5x09

Nov. 13th, 2009 01:24 am
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And now I've watched 5x09 and I feel even worse about dipping my toe into RPF. Oh my god, the timing. The universe (and Kripke & Co) is telling me that I'm a bad, bad person for even considering it.

And yet, sweet god in heaven, I think I'm going to ignore the universe's warning. This is going to end badly. I can tell.
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Back from the accounting test tonight. Damn income taxes, pension plans, and stock option compensation to hell. But mostly income taxes. I feel like my head exploded and my brain is currently splattered all over the classroom floor. The person typing this is actually the mindless zombie that once was me. Why did I want to be an accountant again?

Urgh. Anyway.

So, I'm having a bit of a crisis of conscience.

I don't read RPF. I do not read RPF. Ever. Just the thought of it creeps me the hell out. I don't judge the people who enjoy it, but RPF in any form is just my one, absolute, no-exceptions, bulletproof squick. I can't even make myself read the summaries, I'm that uncomfortable with the whole thing.

And yet. I find myself tempted. I can't help but wonder if it might not be alright to read massive AU RPF, where there's basically no real relationship between the real people and the characters in the story. You know, where the characters might as well be completely fictional, and only the names and maybe the personalities are based on the people, and the story makes nothing even remotely resembling an attempt at portraying reality.

I just. I know that there's a ton of quality RPF out there. A lot of authors that I really enjoy reading in SPN have, over the last year or two, largely jumped ship over to RPF. There were, I think, more J2 Big Bang stories this year than there were Wincest, other slash, gen, and het SPN fics combined. Several were by authors who, I swear, I cursed aloud when I found out they were doing RPF rather than SPN. I'm sure many of these stories are very good. I'd like to read them. But I am made so uncomfortable by just the idea.

I dunno. There are stories -- lots of stories -- that I'd actually really like to read. They're massively AU. They're by authors that I absolutely adore when they write SPN. I know in my head that there really isn't anything wrong with reading RPF at all. I just find it so creepy.

*sigh* I have such empathy for the folks in SPN fandom who're squicked by incest.

I think I've just talked myself into dipping my toe into the RPF pool. Let us pray that this is not a slippery slope. Because, I'm sorry, but it's just so creepy.

And to top it all off, I have Beyonce's "Single Ladies" stuck in my head. Perhaps I should take it as a sign and just get drunk. I think I'm going to bail on class tomorrow, anyway.


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