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Maybe I'll do better chronicling the Steelers next season. Suffice it to say, hooray for yesterday, and next Sunday's gonna suck. Patriots are gonna whip our asses. (Unless not. They got beat by the Buffalo freaking Bills, after all.)

I got my replacement Kindle, and there was much rejoicing. In celebration, I bought Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Four hundred and some-odd pages of pure self-indulgence, and I basically had to wring the testosterone out of my hair afterwards, but it was fun.

Next up, Shogun. Because I never actually finished it, and I've always meant to.

In other news, work sucks, but we knew this.
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So, I forgot I was doing this. So. The game against the Seahawks was awesome. I do believe that was the first shutout game I've actually seen (as opposed to heard about). There was some redemption, although considering the Steelers' complete domination of the Seahawks, the score was a little disappointingly low.

I didn't get to see the Colts game. Not having TV sucks sometimes, and it was a night game, so I couldn't watch it at Aunt D's. I hear we won, but only by the skins of our teeth. Really, even the freakin' Browns were able to whip the Colts with Peyton out. We need improvement.

In non-football related news, I may have stepped on my Kindle. It may have gone crunch. If this is truly the case, as opposed to a particularly cruel hypothetical, that would make me very sad. A paycheck would be required, in that case, to have it fixed. Fortunately, although it's out of warranty, Amazon does offer to fix broken Kindles for a fee that is rather smaller than a new ereader. So, that's nice. Or would be. If I needed it. Which I might not. I admit nothing. Though let me tell you, if Amazon does what everyone thinks they're going to do tomorrow and announces their Kindle tablet, I'll be getting one of those.

And now for something completely different.

Back in December of last year, I panicked along with every other Delicious user and exported my bookmarks everywhere I could think to put them, for fear they would be lost when Yahoo yanked the plug. One of the locations I picked was pinboard.in, which is a one-time-payment, old-school del.icio.us clone. Not long after I paid my money and moved my stuff there, Yahoo announced that they'd never, how could we think, we should never listen to the reckless reporting of the press, and they weren't shutting Delicious down, just selling it. And nothing happened, and the site stayed up, and I breathed a sigh of relief, and continued using Delicious. Then it got bought, and nothing continued to happen, and I breathed another sigh of relief, figuring that the new owners would maintain continuity and just work on the back-end of the site. Today, I was proved tragically wrong.


Sorry. Needed to get that out. Anyway. Delicious, for several reasons, has been rendered basically unusable for the time being. So, I decided to switch back to Pinboard. I figured, I already had most of my stuff there; I haven't been marking fic as aggressively this year as in years past, so it wouldn't be too much trouble to move this year's stuff over. But hark! I got to Pinboard, and discovered that, lo!, it had continued to mirror my Delicious account, even after I'd forgotten about it. So I don't have to do a thing! It's all just there, already. This makes me happy.

Even if I still want my freaking bundles back. Gimme my bundles!
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Okay, now, that was disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I don't think those were actually the Steelers. I've heard about the Steelers. They have an awesome defense, and a really good quarterback. I didn't see either of those. Hopefully, the real Steelers will decide to show up next week.

Did we have to be humiliated by the freakin' Ravens?

At least someone managed to pants one of the Ravens. That was the highlight of the game, as far as I was concerned.

Super Bowl

Feb. 6th, 2011 10:11 pm
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Well. Fuck.

Oh well. Better luck next time.


Jan. 23rd, 2011 10:18 pm
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Jan. 18th, 2011 08:41 pm
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Here we go, Steelers, here we go, whoo, whoo!

So. The Jets played the Patriots and won. Who the hell would have figured? They'll be coming to Pittsburgh on Sunday to play, winner goes to the Super Bowl. Everyone in Pittsburgh was rooting for them, and apparently it worked. Personally, though, I'm of the opinion the credit goes entirely to my Uncle M. He's got a big ol' bet going that the Steelers will win the Super Bowl, and whatever you might say about Uncle M, he's lucky as hell. I will continue to rely on that luck as we play the Jets. I have no idea if we can win -- we have a much better shot than we would have if we were playing the Patriots, but the Jets have beat us before. But only barely, and Polamalu wasn't playing that day. Of course, we basically have no offensive line left -- I think Tomlin is going to have to have members of the practice squad dress for the game, because we actually have no one left to play certain positions, and no active backups for several others -- and the Jets were able to sack Brady five times last week. On the one hand, Ben is really fucking hard to bring down, but on the other, teams still manage with disgusting regularity when our offensive line is healthy. Hopefully the Jets are over-confident and screw up. I think that's our only hope. That, or Polamalu working his magic. He had an off week last Saturday, but that means nothing.

Go Steelers! We want another Super Bowl!

In other news, I think that by the end of the month, I'll have seen at least as many movies in the theater in January of 2011 as I did in all of 2010. Last week, I went and saw Tron: Legacy, which I thoroughly enjoyed, in a mindless sort of way. It was definitely pretty, and it had some good moments.

This afternoon, I saw The King's Speech, which I enjoyed much more, and not at all in a mindless way. I'd never really given much of a damn about the 20th century English royalty: my interest kind of tapers off after about the 18th century. So, I never knew a lot about Edward VIII's abdication, and pretty much nothing at all about George VI. But I was totally engaged in the movie, and was really touched by the story of Bertie-who-would-be-George-VI. And I love the story about the whole thing I heard in an interview on The Daily Show with Colin Firth, who was there promoting the movie. According to him, when the writer, David Seidler, originally got the idea to do the movie, he wrote to the Queen Mother, George VI's wife, to ask her permission to tell her husband's story. She told him to wait until she died to make the movie, because the memories were too painful for her. She then proceeded to live... and live... and live, just about forever. I'm glad the movie was eventually made, though. It really is excellent, and deserves any awards it wins.

Finally, probably this weekend, I believe my aunt and uncle and I are off to see the True Grit remake. I dunno, I have an occasional fondness for westerns, and it'll be the second Jeff Bridges movie I see this month. And it's something Aunt D and Uncle B want to see, and they are notoriously picky about going to see movies in the theater. Well, Aunt D is, anyway.

And, hell, if I have time, I might go see Black Swan, too, though maybe not this month. We'll see. I do want to see it eventually. If I do go in January, though, it means I'll have seen, in one month, more movies than I saw all year last year. For the record, last year I saw: Iron Man 2, How to Train Your Dragon, and Tangled. Yes, I like cartoons. What? Tangled was my dad's idea, and How to Train Your Dragon was my date's. Never mind that I was very happy to see both of them. (Technically, I also so Prince of Persia, but that was also my date's idea, and it was bad enough that I'm pretending it didn't happen. At least I avoided seeing The Last Airbender, which I desperately wanted to be good -- I liked the cartoon -- but heard in time was terrible.)

And now, I should start getting stuff together for the job interview in the morning. Exciting stuff.
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So, I don't muse on sports all that often. This is the first year I've actually paid any attention to the mechanics of the football playoffs. I only got into football a couple of years ago, at which point it all came down to voodoo, as far as I was concerned. Then last year, the Steelers just fell to fucking pieces and I didn't care quite enough about the Cowboys, and so it didn't matter. This year, the Steelers at least have got a shot (even if it was the Cowboys who fell to fucking pieces) and I'm paying attention, and when the whole process isn't giving me a headache, it's really very interesting.

So. The AFC (and for the moment, I only care about the AFC) looks like this:

1. Patriots
2. Steelers
3. Colts
4. Chiefs
5. Ravens
6. Jets

This weekend, the Colts play the Jets and the Chiefs play the Ravens. I'm just going to muse on some of the outcomes and what they might mean for us getting to the Superbowl (verdict: unlikely but possible).

I haven't been paying much mind to the Colts this year, as we haven't played them at all. From what I've gathered, they've had a pretty mediocre year, not one of Manning's best. The Jets, on the other hand, have been having a wildly uneven year. They've gone from brilliant to just awful, and back again. It's hard to say if pretty consistent mediocrity will beat fatally inconsistent brilliance.

And really, it's the Colts/Jets game that's going to be important. Baltimore is going to cream Kansas City. I don't think there's anyone who has any doubts of that. The Ravens are going to be winning that game. So, it comes down to whether Indianapolis or New York wins.

If the Colts win, they'll absolutely be the high seed winner, and they'll play us, while Baltimore will play the Patriots. This might well be the optimum outcome. I'm pretty sure we can beat the Colts this year. Meanwhile, the Ravens have beaten the Patriots already this season. They could do it again. If so, we'd likely end up playing them after that, and we're pretty evenly matched with them. I'd say it'd be about 50/50, but we absolutely can beat them. And the Ravens play nasty, so even if they lose to the Patriots, they might beat them up enough for us to snatch a victory in the Conference Championship.

On the other hand, if the Jets win, they'll be the automatic low seed, meaning they'll play the Patriots, while we play the Ravens. This outcome... not so favorable. Once again, we've got a fair to good chance of beating the Ravens. However, as previously mentioned, the Ravens are all about doing maximum damage to the opposing team, and, being our division rivals, they've got a particular hate-on for us, and for specific, key members of our team. If they can take out Ward, Polomalu, or Rothlisberger, they absolutely will. Anything to leave us unprepared to play against whoever wins the Patriots/Jets match-up. Which... well.

The Jets have beaten the Patriots this season. And then were unceremoniously creamed in the rematch. They could muster themselves to beat the Patriots again. Or they could continue with their ongoing tailspin and just serve as an appetizer. Even on the tailspin, though, the Jets beat us. So. Most likely, the Patriots will crush the Jets, and we'll limp over to New England and get our butts kicked. Or, by some miracle, the Jets will win and come to Pittsburgh, where... well, we'll just have to hope they fall to pieces again.

In the unlikely event, though, that we somehow triumph over the Patriots or whoever beats the Patriots, and we go the Superbowl, we will then have to face either the Saints or the Falcons. We've played both of these teams already this year. We beat the Falcons (one of only three teams, including the Saints!), and were steamrolled by the Saints. I'm not sure we could beat the Falcons again. I mean, on the one hand, we beat them without Big Ben, but we beat them on the first game of the season. You could very legitimately argue that they weren't really warmed up yet. And we just barely beat them in a very low-scoring game. So. Maybe, maybe not; but I'm tending towards not. As for the Saints? I'm going with "no." I'd be very interested to see the game played between the Saints and the Patriots -- I honestly think that's what's going to happen, though I'm really pulling for us and the Falcons. But, yeah, us and the Saints? Going with the Saints.

So, very long story short, I'm thinking that we have a 25% chance at best of making it to the Superbowl in the first place, and only a, say, 40% chance of winning that if we get there. But, hey, we've won the Superbowl with essentially this same team and much lower odds. So. We'll see.

SPN 5x01

Sep. 11th, 2009 12:48 am
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SPN 5x01 )

In non-story related news, how annoyed am I that I have class until 9 on Thursdays this semester? THIS annoyed. And this was not helped by the Steelers game being on at the same time today. (And I forgot to wear my jersey! I got on the bus this morning, and everyone was wearing a jersey, and I realized I'd totally forgot to wear mine! It's a Roethlisberger one. I love it, and I forgot to wear it, and I feel like a really bad Steelers fan. Oh well. They won, anyway, even without my psychic support. And dude, how cool was it, driving home, and looking out over the bridge, and seeing Heinz Field all lit up?)

And now, the question becomes, to sleep, or not to sleep? I have to be awake in about four hours, and I'm not sure it's worth it. My life is filled with such difficulties.
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Don't really care about hockey, but I do care about football, and how cool is that, that the Steelers won the Superbowl, and now the Pens have won the Stanley Cup? Fucking good year to live in Pittsburgh, I tell you. (Ignoring the Pirates, of course, but near as I can tell, everyone does.)
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A little over three hours after my Intermediate test, and I still feel as though my brain might just dribble out of my skull.

But! Big Bang is here, and my goodness it's started out with... ahem, a bang. And! I got my Sweet Charity fic! And it, too, was awesome. The only real complaint I can scrounge up is that I was inundated with purest awesome on the two days that I was so busy, I barely had time to eat. Though I made time for it all, anyway. Because I have no self-control.

Also! I get a chair! My aunt is replacing her living room furniture, and she says that when the replacements arrive, I can have the cushy chair. This is extremely exciting! I've been moaning about my lack of anywhere comfortable to sit for months now. As it stands, the only places I have sit are: bar stools, computer chairs, the bed, and the floor. None are what you'd call ideal for sitting back with a book.

And, having checked out nhl.com, I see that the Pens have won! They'll probably get their asses handed to them on Friday, but hey, they've fought it out to the seventh game. That is absolutely respectable, and no one can say they don't deserve to be where they are. And, you never know. Maybe they'll win. And maybe everyone will riot on campus like they did when the Steelers won the Superbowl. Either way, I'm just as glad I'm not going to be anywhere near Oakland on Friday night.

Oh! And I get to see Star Trek on Thursday! I am by no means a Trekkie: I've seen a handful of TNG eps, a much smaller handful of Voyager eps, and absolutely no TOS or DS9 -- basically, I like Q. That's it. Just Q. But, fandom seems to be all over the new movie, and it does look good, if only as an action flick. And I would sort of like to see Sylar with pointy ears.

Really, aside from tests making my head go explodey, life is good.


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