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I've spent the last three days mainlining Vampire Diaries. My head is about to explode. No lie.

I read the books, back in the day. I don't remember anything, really, except: 1) there was a love triangle between Stefan, Damon, and Elena (and I think even back in the days of yore, I was rooting for Stefan and Damon to dump the girl, kiss and make up, and run off together); 2) Elena ends up a vampire; and 3) a whole bunch of names, none of which mean anything to me anymore. Oh, and I remember that Bonnie was a red-headed, green-eyed psychic (witch? psychic? witch?). Who... maybe ended up with a thing for/with Damon? Yeah, I don't remember. It's been about fourteen years, at this point. Still, lack of any meaningful memory of the books aside, I feel great affection for the whole thing, even while pretty damn sure that the show has little or nothing to do with the books. I at least feel secure in the knowledge that I can enjoy the show for what it is without worrying that it's a knock-off of Twilight -- after all, I know first-hand that the Salvatores came long before the Cullens.

Anyway, yeah, the show is pretty well in line with being based on books I read when I was eleven, but it's all good trashy fun. And people weren't kidding when they said that Damon steals every scene he's in. He's just so much fun. And, ahem, easy on the eyes, as well. And man oh man, those eyes. Ian Somerhalder could easily hold his own against Matt Bomer in a competition for Guy With the Most Gorgeous Eyes. What I wouldn't give for the two of them to be in a show together where they have to stare soulfully at each other. Those eyes could cause heart attacks. Sheesh.

Over the course of the last fifteen episodes, I've had many thinky thoughts about characterization, the treatment of female characters, and the negative impact of relationships in the show, but I don't think I'll bother writing any of them down. I'm not trying to fool anyone: I'm watching for Damon's snark and Ian Somerhalder's eyes. Shallow pleasures are what summer is for, after all. Right? Right. And when it comes to digging way the hell too deep into a show, I think I've met my lifetime quota with Supernatural.


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