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So, it's about 7pm, and it just kind of randomly occurred to me that: dude, I live in Pittsburgh. We have the Carnegie Library system, which kicks all kinds of ass. They must do some great book sale for the holidays, right?

So I trundled over to the library website, and discovered that they do indeed have a big book sale for the holidays.

It was today.

It's all about timing, I tell you.

*slams head against desk*

And now, I must proceed to bake a cake. I suppose I could have done it earlier today, but that would have meant delaying my gratification with regards to my marathon Skyrim session.

I gloriously fail at time management. \o/
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I dropped a computer on my toe, this morning. It's not broken, but a fair amount of skin got ripped off. A lot of the skin is still attached, and it's grey. I nearly passed out and did throw up when I tried to move it. It might be a good idea, actually, to go to an emergency room for this.

I have no health insurance, and not so much as a single sick day from work. I've cleaned it, put some Neosporin on it, and wrapped it like a frickin' mummy. And now I'm going to work and hoping for the best.

...Sometimes, life really sucks.
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I haven't been reading as much as I used to, when I was younger. Used to be, you couldn't pry my nose out of a book with two burly men and a crowbar. There are a number of reasons for the sharp decline in book-reading -- some good, some bad -- but the long and short of it is that I'd really like to get back to my books.

I just moved into a new apartment last weekend, and I'm currently in the middle of rebuilding my bookshelves and putting my many (many!) books back on them. As I re-shelve the books, I'm reminded of how many I still need to read, and I feel a great motivation to get started on that. We'll see how long that lasts, but sometimes my whims are stronger and longer-lasting than firm convictions.

In the meantime, I'm going to play a game. There are all sorts of "You really should read all of these books" lists, compiled by all sorts of people. What I'd like to do is, over the next however-long, is to compile some of these lists, see which books on those lists I've already read, which ones I have no desire to read, and then maybe get started on a comprehensive To-Read List.

Game behind the cut )
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May I just say that being a real live adult, with a real live office job sucks giant donkey dong?

Work has been keeping me busy, and I've been spending a lot more time reading actual honest-to-god books. Which would be a good thing if only I would just read the ones I've already got and wouldn't insist on going out and buying new ones.

I've noticed an odd trend, though, you see. The authors that I am currently crazy for?

Ursula LeGuin
Patrica McKillip
Elizabeth Bear
Kelly Link
Genevieve Valentine
Catherynne Valente

I have no idea if it means anything or not, but it used to be I read primarily male authors. Suddenly, I'm leaning heavily toward female authors. I will have to give this more thought.

However, if I can recommend only one thing that I've read so far this year? I'd recommend Catherynne Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. It's a children's book, yes; but it's the sort that a child will read and love, and when she goes back to it years and years later, she'll have an entirely different experience of the book, and quite likely an improved experience. As an adult, I love it for just what it is.


Jan. 18th, 2011 08:41 pm
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Here we go, Steelers, here we go, whoo, whoo!

So. The Jets played the Patriots and won. Who the hell would have figured? They'll be coming to Pittsburgh on Sunday to play, winner goes to the Super Bowl. Everyone in Pittsburgh was rooting for them, and apparently it worked. Personally, though, I'm of the opinion the credit goes entirely to my Uncle M. He's got a big ol' bet going that the Steelers will win the Super Bowl, and whatever you might say about Uncle M, he's lucky as hell. I will continue to rely on that luck as we play the Jets. I have no idea if we can win -- we have a much better shot than we would have if we were playing the Patriots, but the Jets have beat us before. But only barely, and Polamalu wasn't playing that day. Of course, we basically have no offensive line left -- I think Tomlin is going to have to have members of the practice squad dress for the game, because we actually have no one left to play certain positions, and no active backups for several others -- and the Jets were able to sack Brady five times last week. On the one hand, Ben is really fucking hard to bring down, but on the other, teams still manage with disgusting regularity when our offensive line is healthy. Hopefully the Jets are over-confident and screw up. I think that's our only hope. That, or Polamalu working his magic. He had an off week last Saturday, but that means nothing.

Go Steelers! We want another Super Bowl!

In other news, I think that by the end of the month, I'll have seen at least as many movies in the theater in January of 2011 as I did in all of 2010. Last week, I went and saw Tron: Legacy, which I thoroughly enjoyed, in a mindless sort of way. It was definitely pretty, and it had some good moments.

This afternoon, I saw The King's Speech, which I enjoyed much more, and not at all in a mindless way. I'd never really given much of a damn about the 20th century English royalty: my interest kind of tapers off after about the 18th century. So, I never knew a lot about Edward VIII's abdication, and pretty much nothing at all about George VI. But I was totally engaged in the movie, and was really touched by the story of Bertie-who-would-be-George-VI. And I love the story about the whole thing I heard in an interview on The Daily Show with Colin Firth, who was there promoting the movie. According to him, when the writer, David Seidler, originally got the idea to do the movie, he wrote to the Queen Mother, George VI's wife, to ask her permission to tell her husband's story. She told him to wait until she died to make the movie, because the memories were too painful for her. She then proceeded to live... and live... and live, just about forever. I'm glad the movie was eventually made, though. It really is excellent, and deserves any awards it wins.

Finally, probably this weekend, I believe my aunt and uncle and I are off to see the True Grit remake. I dunno, I have an occasional fondness for westerns, and it'll be the second Jeff Bridges movie I see this month. And it's something Aunt D and Uncle B want to see, and they are notoriously picky about going to see movies in the theater. Well, Aunt D is, anyway.

And, hell, if I have time, I might go see Black Swan, too, though maybe not this month. We'll see. I do want to see it eventually. If I do go in January, though, it means I'll have seen, in one month, more movies than I saw all year last year. For the record, last year I saw: Iron Man 2, How to Train Your Dragon, and Tangled. Yes, I like cartoons. What? Tangled was my dad's idea, and How to Train Your Dragon was my date's. Never mind that I was very happy to see both of them. (Technically, I also so Prince of Persia, but that was also my date's idea, and it was bad enough that I'm pretending it didn't happen. At least I avoided seeing The Last Airbender, which I desperately wanted to be good -- I liked the cartoon -- but heard in time was terrible.)

And now, I should start getting stuff together for the job interview in the morning. Exciting stuff.
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Oh, god, yum. I do love parmesan-encrusted chicken. I don't make it often enough. And hey, miracle of miracles, the crust actually came out nice this time. Usually, it's so thin and falls off when it's cooking, but this time it was nice and solid and it stayed on till I could eat it.

Also, while the pumpkin spice cake was an abysmal failure (seriously, I have no idea if I made it wrong or if it was supposed to taste like that, but it was terrible; no one could even pretend to like it), I have found a new cake for Thanksgiving! Although the baking of it involved a couple of... ahem, blunders, the orange cranberry cake has received the seal approval from Aunt D and Uncle B, and so is a go. God, I just want to make that cake again. It was so good, I just can't stand it.

But! I dunno, is it possible to feel vaguely adulterous about cake? I love the orange cranberry cake. I am committed to the orange cranberry cake. I'm taking the orange cranberry cake home to meet my family. But... the cranberry streusel cake looks delicious. I lust to make this cake. It is new, and exciting, and unknown.

Sigh. I will be faithful. I'm the good girl settling down with the investment banker orange cranberry cake while fantasizing about the bad boy cranberry steusel cake.

Seriously. I can't make the streusal cake. I'm not going to take anything to Thanksgiving that I haven't already tried, and if I make this cake, someone has to eat it. I'm sure as hell not eating a whole cake by myself, and I don't have anyone else to give it to. At least, no one who is not going to look at me and ask me "Why are you giving me a cake?" or, "Why are you trying to make me fat?"

Maybe next year.

Can it be Thanksgiving now?
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SPN 6x06 and 6x07 promo )

And now, I need to go finish filling out the freaking job application. I hate filling out the essays on these things.
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Today, I made chicken marsala and pumpkin spice cake from scratch.

I find this equally hilarious and awesome. A couple of years ago, I could not even have conceived of being able to make anything from scratch. For chicken marsala, I'd go to a restaurant. For the pumpkin spice cake, I'd either look for a mix at the grocery store, or wait for someone else to bake it. I would have been horrified at the idea of having to deal with flour, and eggs, and cooking wine. Today? I had some chicken breasts that I wanted to eat, and I searched till I found a recipe where I had almost everything I needed, and I just made it. As it happens, it came out tasting a little odd, but not bad. Certainly edible, and a lot cheaper than a restaurant. As for the cake? It doesn't even occur to me anymore to look for store-bought mixes. I spent about fifteen minutes in the baking aisle last night, and I don't think I even looked at them.

The pumpkin spice cake in question is an experiment for Thanksgiving. Since Aunt D makes dinner, and is forever stressing out about it, I try to help by providing dessert. Last year's pumpkin dump cake was a total flop, so I'm looking for something different. Pumpkin in general doesn't seem to be all that popular with this particular Thanksgiving crowd, but it's traditional, goshdarnit. So, I'm trying out recipes. This particular cake is pumpkin, but it's at least as much spice cake, with a healthy dose of chocolate. Hopefully it turns out. I'm going to see Aunt D tomorrow, so I'll be taking a couple of pieces with me, and see whether she thinks it'll work. If not, there a few fruity cakes and cobblers I can try.

That last sentence makes the me of a couple of years ago shake her head in amazement.
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I just can't win.

As of this 14th day of September, Anno Domine 2010, I have as follows:

96 Supernatural
162 RPF
23 Merlin
43 Various and Sundry Other

fics sitting in my To Be Read folder.

And I'm flipping aimlessly through the internet, looking for something to read. I was clearly a cat in a previous life.
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This is why I don't waste my money on those lovely leather journals that you see everywhere: I get started, and I do well enough with writing for a while, then I start to taper off until it just sits there abandoned for evermore.

Ahem. Anyway.

So, lately, I've spent a fair amount of time over at the [livejournal.com profile] spnpermanon Big Bang posts. Not too much time, since, though I've been pleasantly surprised at how civilized the whole thing has been, it's still annoyingly bitchy at times. Anyway, while there, I've seen the nonnies moaning about the lack of decent Sam/Dean porning. I actually think they're pretty justified in their complaints: there really hasn't been much. Most of the Wincest that's been posted has been badly written, unremittingly bleak, or almost completely lacking in sex. I absolutely see where people are coming from. I'm just a bit startled at myself that I don't really care.

Well. I mean, I could do without the badfic, but that's always the case, and I'm philosophical about it. Sturgeon's Law applies to Big Bang like most things, and you just have to accept the 90 pieces of crap along with the 10 pieces of awesomeness. And really, when you put it like that, the ratio of good to bad is actually not that bad. I'll also admit that it wouldn't have hurt my feelings if the authors had felt like writing slightly more cheerful stories this year. But I can even understand that: Supernatural hasn't exactly been a particularly cheerful show lately, and I can see where authors would be inspired to write fairly depressing stories. And I like a good bittersweet ending from time to time, so it's all good. Even if my "from time to time" has gotten a bit compressed lately.

What surprises me is how not-upset I am over the tepidness of the Sam/Dean. It's not like after S4. I'm not bitter. I feel more honest affection for both Sam and Dean than I have since I started watching the show. I still love Sam/Dean. I haven't jumped ship for another pairing: I'm extremely fond of Sam/Jess, Sam/Ruby, and Sam/Castiel, but wincest is still the pairing that rules them all. But. I dunno. When the fics lately just stop short of getting into sex or the nitty of the boys' romance, I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

I've noticed this since the finale. I think I read practically every 5.22 coda that was written -- and that was a hell of a lot of codas, let me tell you. And of those, the only ones that jumped out at me as being hard to buy were the wincest. Whether it was gen or Dean/Lisa, I found I just didn't want the boys falling into bed after Sam got back. I'm not entirely sure why. And since May, this has been slowly spreading to other fic. Again, it's not that I don't like wincest anymore. I've just started feeling like a romantic/sexual relationship sort of gets a little bit in the way of the boys' actual relationship. I still want them to be the center of each other's universe, but the sex has started to feel tacked on. The authors who have just hinted at a romantic relationship, or who just lightly touch on the emotional aspect -- those I find satisfying, and rather soothing.

I dunno. I think it's just that a huge part of the finale was Sam and Dean finally letting each other go. A sexual relationship between them is a sign of the overly involved, desperately unhappy and unhealthy codependence that they've finally managed to (tentatively) move past. Having them become involved post-S5 seems like an enormous step backwards in the progression of their relationship.

Or perhaps I'm projecting. I am so firmly off the whole dating wagon that I can barely conceive of anyone actually wanting to become involved in a sexual relationship. Maybe that's it. I haven't been been reading almost any J2 lately either, after all.

Anyway. Whatever the reason, the lighter-than-usual wincest and the slightly higher-than-average quality of the gen this Big Bang is actually pleasing me a lot more that I would have thought.


May. 13th, 2010 10:15 pm
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I didn't get to watch the SPN finale in real time. This makes me quite sad. Why do I always end up with Thursday night classes? Tonight was the first class for Business Econ, and the dude took up every last minute of his three hours and ten minutes. Plus a few. So class didn't even end until after nine. I didn't get home, with one thing and another, until after ten. So no spn in real time. Not that I could have watched it anyway. Life interfered with me seeing 5x21 last week, and I kinda decided that, all things considered, it would be better to spare myself the suspense of the no-doubt heart-wrenching semi-finale, and just watch the two back to back. Which I'll just be doing anyway. So whatever. Just. I didn't even get the option. :(

Today was a good day, anyway. Aside from class, I also got my hair done, got my ears pierced again, and went to lunch/dinner with L.

I got my hair a lot shorter than I usually do -- usually it's an even just-above-shoulder length, and now it's just-below-chin length in front and just-above-neck length in back. I think it looks good. We'll have to see how it looks once I've washed and brushed it myself -- it always looks so much different than when the hair dresser does it.

I finally decided to just go for it, and got a third set of piercings in my ears. I love earrings, and any excuse to wear more of them is good by me. I got it done in an actual piercing parlor, as opposed to the previous three piercings (including the one that ended in disaster), which I just got done at those kiosks in the mall. This one, he did the piercing by hand, rather than with a gun, and it hurt quite a bit more. The last two mostly just felt like bee stings, although I remember the first one hurting about that much. I can't be sure about that, though: it was a long time ago, I was only ten, and my pain threshold was considerably lower. Also, that was the one that got a horrible infection. Could be I was already reacting (though I doubt it). Anyway, I now have a serviceable pair of hoops in my ears, and they're gonna be there for a couple of months, minimum. And my ears don't heal quickly, so it may be a bit longer than that. But, yay for more piercings. Though these will likely be my last. I might get one more in the cartilage of my ear(s), but that's it. I don't have any desire for bits of metal in any other part of my body.

Lunch went pretty well, I thought. L continues to be awesome, and she seems to like me, which, yay for me. We were eating in the Panera downstairs from my classroom so that I could duck out at the last possible second, and we got so caught up in a discussion of games and comic book movies, that I still managed to be late. That's a good sign, I think.

That was my day. It was a good day. And I will no doubt have more to say once I've seen 5x21 and 5x22. Just have to wait for for the latter to be put up.
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So, I seem to have broken through the block. I have four J2 AUs in my delicious account, and two more waiting in tabs, and I feel only very vaguely guilty. Fortunately, they're all massively AU, so I'm not in danger of breaking my brain. Really, as long as I make a determined effort to pretend that these people are all completely fictional characters, I'm alright.

I was rather surprised to discover that I really liked the chef!AU. Who'd'a'thunk, right? Of course, the fact that I'm kinda enamored of Top Chef (and also Hell's Kitchen; don't judge me) probably explains some of it.

And now, it is time to think about dinner. I really want a burger. However, I'm not going to be home over the weekend, and I still have most of a two-day-old rotisserie chicken, and a nearly-week-old carton of grape tomatoes that I really need to eat. Like, now. And also that already-opened bag of salad greens. I suppose I'm having another salad with chicken on top. Yay. (For the record, I like chicken onna salad. Just, you know, not almost every night for two weeks.)

But, best of all: NO CLASS ON MONDAY! HA! I get to put off my Strategic Cost homework even longer.
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I would like to announce to the world at large that: I AM ALIVE! Dear god.

There was some question during the drive home whether or not I'd be able to say that by the end of the evening. The roads out there are brutal. I have a tension headache so bad that I'm actually dizzy.

There is no point to this post except that I genuinely feel that I have narrowly avoided death, and that seems a momentous thing not to tell anyone about. Yes, I know I'm a Southern wimp, and I say that makes it all the more of a miracle that I survived.

I may be going to visit my aunt on Saturday, unless the roads are as much of a horrible, horrible mess as they are right now, in which case I reserve the right to hide my head under my pillow and never come out. Or, you know, at least until the snow melts.

I think maybe I'm going to cancel my appointment with my adviser tomorrow morning, and just... not go anywhere.

To do...

Dec. 15th, 2009 01:38 pm
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To Do List for Christmas Break 2009:

Knit (and knit and knit, dear god, it's ten days to Christmas and the parental unit's afghan is still only half done... *cries and cries*)

Reorganize Delicious tags (I currently have 1189 tags in 15 bundles, and it's not enough)

Read books (while fanfic is awesome, my Books To Read pile will soon achieve sentience and eat my apartment)

Play Dragon Age: Origins ('cause it's awesome, and I just haven't had time to sit down and play much)

Go through recent SPN eps for icon fodder (my most recent spn icon is from 5x03, and I need a Lucifer!Sam icon)

Go through stock.xchng for icon fodder (I also need non-fandom icons)


Actually spend time with my father and stepmother



Dec. 14th, 2009 11:28 am
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So Cute TA got me thinking about actors who have similar magnificent schnozes. Peter Wingfield (Methos from Highlander) and David Duchovnny (you know the one) both spring to mind. But, ah, the nasal ideal, the perfect honker, that belongs to Adrien Brody. I recall going to see the King Kong remake back when it was in theaters. It was a largely forgettable experience, and I was left with only three impressions:

1. The T-Rex in Jurassic Park was scarier.
2. Giant bugs are not to be tolerated. (Ew! Ew! Ick!)
3. The actual star of the movie was Adrien Brody's nose.

Seriously, I walked out of the theater composing odes to Adrien Brody's nose. It was so magnificent. It had a presence all its own. It outshone everything else on the screen.

Don't worry. My family have already informed me that I'm kinda nuts.

I can't help it. Big, beak-y noses are hot.

Good grief

Dec. 13th, 2009 09:00 pm
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So, my group partner and I had to give a presentation for our Entrepreneurial Project (and, really, genuinely enlightening as the project has been, the most useful thing I've learned is how to spell entrepreneurial), and I think we actually did a really good job. We were confident, we didn't ramble, we didn't say "like" every other word, we didn't mumble. It was good. However, due to a combination of the other groups all going long on their presentations, and technical difficulties on our part, the professor had to leave before we could even start. So we gave our awesome presentation to the TA, instead. This after the professor commented on how the other three groups needed to work on their presentation skills (see list of things we didn't do). Such is the story of my life.

Said TA then asked me to email him a copy of my spreadsheets. Which I am about to do. And I am debating whether to ask him if he'd like to catch a bite to eat some time. Because he seems very nice, and I kinda got the impression he might be interested, and also, he's got a nose to die for. Seriously, I have a thing for noses, and his? Yum.

Alas, he's probably younger than I am. This is not an unforgivable sin, or anything. I'm just kinda on the prowl for a guy at least my age, preferably a couple of years older. Just 'cause. Unfortunately, those are a little hard to come by just at the moment: they're all off in the work force or in grad school. Y'know, where I'd like to be. Should be. Whatever.

Is it inappropriate to ask your TA who, as the only witness to your presentation, has influence on your grade, out on a date? Yeah. Yeah, it is. Oh well. Maybe next week, when the grade is in.

Hm. I've never asked a guy out before. Never had to really think about the logistics.
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Hm. Well, so far my foray into RPF has been something of a non-starter. I've gotten about a third of the way through [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter's "Someone You Might Have Been," but I've been stalled for almost a month. I've got [livejournal.com profile] lotrabc's J2 OZ AU open in tabs, but it's been there for weeks, and it's perhaps telling that it's buried so deeply in my tab trees that it took over a minute to find it. Mind you, I have something like fifty tabs open at the moment, so losing something is easy to do. Other than those two fics (and [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion's very brief J2 fantasy AU, which I did manage to finish), I haven't even made an attempt to search out any RPF.

Part of it is that I'm still very uncomfortable evening thinking too hard about non-AU RPF, and so I hesitate to look very closely at J2 rec lists. Part of it is that, well, it seems like a lot of the fics I'm willing to look at are either college/high school AUs, or completely off-the-wall AUs. Weird stuff I'm fine with, but stuff like ice skaters? I'm just not interested.

Oh well. I suppose that'll be something for me to work on over Christmas break. Along with the knitting that I have to finish up for the parental unit's present. And needing to (again, because I'm unbelievably anal) redo the tags on my Delicious account. And get some more progress done on Dragon Age: Origins. And get some reading (of actual books) done. And cater to my step-mother and her obsession with doing stuff. Did someone say something about Christmas break being restful? Dear zombie Jesus on a pogo stick.
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Back from the accounting test tonight. Damn income taxes, pension plans, and stock option compensation to hell. But mostly income taxes. I feel like my head exploded and my brain is currently splattered all over the classroom floor. The person typing this is actually the mindless zombie that once was me. Why did I want to be an accountant again?

Urgh. Anyway.

So, I'm having a bit of a crisis of conscience.

I don't read RPF. I do not read RPF. Ever. Just the thought of it creeps me the hell out. I don't judge the people who enjoy it, but RPF in any form is just my one, absolute, no-exceptions, bulletproof squick. I can't even make myself read the summaries, I'm that uncomfortable with the whole thing.

And yet. I find myself tempted. I can't help but wonder if it might not be alright to read massive AU RPF, where there's basically no real relationship between the real people and the characters in the story. You know, where the characters might as well be completely fictional, and only the names and maybe the personalities are based on the people, and the story makes nothing even remotely resembling an attempt at portraying reality.

I just. I know that there's a ton of quality RPF out there. A lot of authors that I really enjoy reading in SPN have, over the last year or two, largely jumped ship over to RPF. There were, I think, more J2 Big Bang stories this year than there were Wincest, other slash, gen, and het SPN fics combined. Several were by authors who, I swear, I cursed aloud when I found out they were doing RPF rather than SPN. I'm sure many of these stories are very good. I'd like to read them. But I am made so uncomfortable by just the idea.

I dunno. There are stories -- lots of stories -- that I'd actually really like to read. They're massively AU. They're by authors that I absolutely adore when they write SPN. I know in my head that there really isn't anything wrong with reading RPF at all. I just find it so creepy.

*sigh* I have such empathy for the folks in SPN fandom who're squicked by incest.

I think I've just talked myself into dipping my toe into the RPF pool. Let us pray that this is not a slippery slope. Because, I'm sorry, but it's just so creepy.

And to top it all off, I have Beyonce's "Single Ladies" stuck in my head. Perhaps I should take it as a sign and just get drunk. I think I'm going to bail on class tomorrow, anyway.


Sep. 24th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Well, the G-20's in town today, meaning all classes were canceled. So, I wasn't stuck listening to the droning sound of liabilities and the time value of money during Supernatural tonight. And, it turns out that getting plane tickets halfway across the country with only two days' notice and the frickin' G-20 in town is damn near impossible. So, I'm not in Texas. And I may feel like a douche about that, but there's nothing I could do about it, so may as well take advantage, right?

Oh, and Supernatural.... 5x03 )
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I've been reading fic. It's left me so upset, my stomach hurts.

I may be a little emotionally volatile just now. Everything considered, I don't think anyone can blame me.

If I'm going to be upset anyway, I'd rather concentrate on the totally trivial shit than the horrible fucking real stuff. Just about anyone could take lessons from me on avoidance. Although, it's not like there's anything to be done about it now.

Life really kinda sucks.


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