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I saw an off-Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast last night. Some thoughts, in no particular order:

1. The evening got off to a roaring start when I showed up at the wrong theater. Oops!

1. I'm not entirely sure who the intended audience for this show is. It was toned both up and down from the movie -- a bit more slapstick, funny voices, and exaggerated reactions for the kids, but also more in the way of sex and violence for the adults. Lumiere and the French maid's flirting is a lot more present and overt, as well as Gaston's relationships with the fawning girls in the village; the Beast is more menacing/abusive in the beginning, actually hitting Belle, throwing her to the floor, and grabbing her by the throat.

2. Also, the whole show was a lot more talky than the movie, which is just a natural consequence of Show vs Cartoon, but I could hear a lot of the kids losing track of what was going on, and getting bored. Likewise, the show ran a little long for something intended for little kids that started at 8pm; I spent most of the second half listening the five-or-six-year-old girls whimpering to their moms that they they wanted to go home -- they were very obviously tired and cranky. Which, believe me, was making me quite cranky, as well.

2(b). I was reminded of just how much I don't want kids.

3. I was totally shipping Gaston and LeBouf. No, really. At intermission, I was thinking that they might actually skip the whole "Gaston is thrown from the castle tower" thing, and he'd settle down in humiliation with LeBouf, who would be happy as a clam to be his little homemaker and massage his feet... and such.

4. Speaking of which, the guy playing Gaston was making a very determined, and mostly successful attempt to run away with the show. Next to his antics, Belle and the Beast seemed positively bland. Best line of the show? "Who can think up these endless refrains like Gaston?!"
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So, it's about 7pm, and it just kind of randomly occurred to me that: dude, I live in Pittsburgh. We have the Carnegie Library system, which kicks all kinds of ass. They must do some great book sale for the holidays, right?

So I trundled over to the library website, and discovered that they do indeed have a big book sale for the holidays.

It was today.

It's all about timing, I tell you.

*slams head against desk*

And now, I must proceed to bake a cake. I suppose I could have done it earlier today, but that would have meant delaying my gratification with regards to my marathon Skyrim session.

I gloriously fail at time management. \o/
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Maybe I'll do better chronicling the Steelers next season. Suffice it to say, hooray for yesterday, and next Sunday's gonna suck. Patriots are gonna whip our asses. (Unless not. They got beat by the Buffalo freaking Bills, after all.)

I got my replacement Kindle, and there was much rejoicing. In celebration, I bought Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Four hundred and some-odd pages of pure self-indulgence, and I basically had to wring the testosterone out of my hair afterwards, but it was fun.

Next up, Shogun. Because I never actually finished it, and I've always meant to.

In other news, work sucks, but we knew this.
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So, I forgot I was doing this. So. The game against the Seahawks was awesome. I do believe that was the first shutout game I've actually seen (as opposed to heard about). There was some redemption, although considering the Steelers' complete domination of the Seahawks, the score was a little disappointingly low.

I didn't get to see the Colts game. Not having TV sucks sometimes, and it was a night game, so I couldn't watch it at Aunt D's. I hear we won, but only by the skins of our teeth. Really, even the freakin' Browns were able to whip the Colts with Peyton out. We need improvement.

In non-football related news, I may have stepped on my Kindle. It may have gone crunch. If this is truly the case, as opposed to a particularly cruel hypothetical, that would make me very sad. A paycheck would be required, in that case, to have it fixed. Fortunately, although it's out of warranty, Amazon does offer to fix broken Kindles for a fee that is rather smaller than a new ereader. So, that's nice. Or would be. If I needed it. Which I might not. I admit nothing. Though let me tell you, if Amazon does what everyone thinks they're going to do tomorrow and announces their Kindle tablet, I'll be getting one of those.

And now for something completely different.

Back in December of last year, I panicked along with every other Delicious user and exported my bookmarks everywhere I could think to put them, for fear they would be lost when Yahoo yanked the plug. One of the locations I picked was pinboard.in, which is a one-time-payment, old-school del.icio.us clone. Not long after I paid my money and moved my stuff there, Yahoo announced that they'd never, how could we think, we should never listen to the reckless reporting of the press, and they weren't shutting Delicious down, just selling it. And nothing happened, and the site stayed up, and I breathed a sigh of relief, and continued using Delicious. Then it got bought, and nothing continued to happen, and I breathed another sigh of relief, figuring that the new owners would maintain continuity and just work on the back-end of the site. Today, I was proved tragically wrong.


Sorry. Needed to get that out. Anyway. Delicious, for several reasons, has been rendered basically unusable for the time being. So, I decided to switch back to Pinboard. I figured, I already had most of my stuff there; I haven't been marking fic as aggressively this year as in years past, so it wouldn't be too much trouble to move this year's stuff over. But hark! I got to Pinboard, and discovered that, lo!, it had continued to mirror my Delicious account, even after I'd forgotten about it. So I don't have to do a thing! It's all just there, already. This makes me happy.

Even if I still want my freaking bundles back. Gimme my bundles!
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I dropped a computer on my toe, this morning. It's not broken, but a fair amount of skin got ripped off. A lot of the skin is still attached, and it's grey. I nearly passed out and did throw up when I tried to move it. It might be a good idea, actually, to go to an emergency room for this.

I have no health insurance, and not so much as a single sick day from work. I've cleaned it, put some Neosporin on it, and wrapped it like a frickin' mummy. And now I'm going to work and hoping for the best.

...Sometimes, life really sucks.
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I haven't been reading as much as I used to, when I was younger. Used to be, you couldn't pry my nose out of a book with two burly men and a crowbar. There are a number of reasons for the sharp decline in book-reading -- some good, some bad -- but the long and short of it is that I'd really like to get back to my books.

I just moved into a new apartment last weekend, and I'm currently in the middle of rebuilding my bookshelves and putting my many (many!) books back on them. As I re-shelve the books, I'm reminded of how many I still need to read, and I feel a great motivation to get started on that. We'll see how long that lasts, but sometimes my whims are stronger and longer-lasting than firm convictions.

In the meantime, I'm going to play a game. There are all sorts of "You really should read all of these books" lists, compiled by all sorts of people. What I'd like to do is, over the next however-long, is to compile some of these lists, see which books on those lists I've already read, which ones I have no desire to read, and then maybe get started on a comprehensive To-Read List.

Game behind the cut )
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May I just say that being a real live adult, with a real live office job sucks giant donkey dong?

Work has been keeping me busy, and I've been spending a lot more time reading actual honest-to-god books. Which would be a good thing if only I would just read the ones I've already got and wouldn't insist on going out and buying new ones.

I've noticed an odd trend, though, you see. The authors that I am currently crazy for?

Ursula LeGuin
Patrica McKillip
Elizabeth Bear
Kelly Link
Genevieve Valentine
Catherynne Valente

I have no idea if it means anything or not, but it used to be I read primarily male authors. Suddenly, I'm leaning heavily toward female authors. I will have to give this more thought.

However, if I can recommend only one thing that I've read so far this year? I'd recommend Catherynne Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. It's a children's book, yes; but it's the sort that a child will read and love, and when she goes back to it years and years later, she'll have an entirely different experience of the book, and quite likely an improved experience. As an adult, I love it for just what it is.
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Been busy lately. But I seem to recall that April is National Poetry Month, or some such thing. Figured I'd do something to mark the occasion before the month ends.

I like poetry. I like a lot of poetry. Mostly older stuff. Because, as someone -- I don't know who, but someone who clearly knows what he's talking about -- once said, you can have poetry that doesn't rhyme, but in much the same way that you can play tennis without a net: it's much easier but not nearly as fun.

My favorite poem, much like my favorite song, varies based on my mood; but the one that I've come back to repeatedly for several years now is "Five Smooth Stones," by Stella Benson. It's kind of a deeply cynical poem, and I don't really agree with most of the cynicism, but it's lovely and sad and bleakly hopeful. And it's either that one, or "The Dangerous World" by Naomi Replansky, in which someone watches their lover and is struck by the lover's mortality, or else an excerpt from Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis," in which Venus curses love.

It's been pointed out to me that I tend to like sorta sad, morbid poetry. Mostly to do with death and love. But mostly not the happy kind of love. Go figure.

Five Smooth Stones )


Apr. 1st, 2011 09:25 pm
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Isn't it amazing? In a month, I'll be twenty-six years old. And I'm still reduced to helpless sobs by The Last Unicorn.

Of course, the same could be said of several cartoons. Don't even get me started on The Land Before Time. I was trying to describe to my aunt a few months ago why the movie still makes me cry, and before I got all the way through the explanation, I burst into tears.

And, just recently, I saw Up. I spent half the movie laughing at talking dogs, and other other half sobbing.

The fuck is up with kids' movies that make me cry? Am I just sensitive?

Fun stuff

Mar. 5th, 2011 09:24 pm
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So, I was just browsing the news. Looks like Rahm Emanuel is the new mayor of Chicago. This is my shocked face --> O.O

I don't live in Chicago, and I never have. However, I very much would like to one day. I hear so many stories about the place, and mostly they make me smile. It amuses me that there is a place that is openly as corrupt as the day is long, but for the most part, people shrug and say, "Well, that's Chicago, and anyway, it works."

And, really, this is one of those capers that really stinks of fish, and really makes me laugh, though it seems like most people are discreetly not saying much about it. Attend:

1. President Obama is a senator for the Chicago area before becoming President.
2. Rahm Emanuel also comes from the Chicago area, and becomes his Chief of Staff.
3. Mayor Daley, who had, heretofore, ruled his city with a fist of iron and shown no signs to doing otherwise until he dropped dead of feeble old age like his father, announces out of the blue that he'll be stepping down at the first end-of-term during Obama's administration.
4. Rahm Emanuel quits his job as White House Chief of Staff to return to Chicago to run for mayor.
5. Mayor Daley's brother is announced as Emanuel's replacement as Chief of Staff.
6. Emanuel is one of six candidates running for mayor, and was not predicted to receive a majority vote, meaning there would likely be a run-off.
7. Emanuel does, indeed, receive a majority vote and becomes the new Dictator for Life Mayor of Chicago.

Wow, that's a lot of connections and coincidences they want us to buy. It's like a Tammany Hall-style game of musical chairs. Fortunately, I don't think anyone actually expects anyone to buy anything.

This is not my face of moral outrage --> :D. I'm just laughing and laughing and laughing.
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So, elsewhere, the topic came up of older novelists very quietly inserting gay characters into their books and never really mentioning it, but leaving clues for those who are interested in seeing them. The best, cleverest example I've come across is Dorothy Dunnett in the The Lymond Chronicles.

Blithering about and some spoilers for The Lymond Chronicles, which anyone who hasn't read it and has even the slightest interest in historical fiction should read. )


Jan. 23rd, 2011 10:18 pm
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Jan. 18th, 2011 08:41 pm
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Here we go, Steelers, here we go, whoo, whoo!

So. The Jets played the Patriots and won. Who the hell would have figured? They'll be coming to Pittsburgh on Sunday to play, winner goes to the Super Bowl. Everyone in Pittsburgh was rooting for them, and apparently it worked. Personally, though, I'm of the opinion the credit goes entirely to my Uncle M. He's got a big ol' bet going that the Steelers will win the Super Bowl, and whatever you might say about Uncle M, he's lucky as hell. I will continue to rely on that luck as we play the Jets. I have no idea if we can win -- we have a much better shot than we would have if we were playing the Patriots, but the Jets have beat us before. But only barely, and Polamalu wasn't playing that day. Of course, we basically have no offensive line left -- I think Tomlin is going to have to have members of the practice squad dress for the game, because we actually have no one left to play certain positions, and no active backups for several others -- and the Jets were able to sack Brady five times last week. On the one hand, Ben is really fucking hard to bring down, but on the other, teams still manage with disgusting regularity when our offensive line is healthy. Hopefully the Jets are over-confident and screw up. I think that's our only hope. That, or Polamalu working his magic. He had an off week last Saturday, but that means nothing.

Go Steelers! We want another Super Bowl!

In other news, I think that by the end of the month, I'll have seen at least as many movies in the theater in January of 2011 as I did in all of 2010. Last week, I went and saw Tron: Legacy, which I thoroughly enjoyed, in a mindless sort of way. It was definitely pretty, and it had some good moments.

This afternoon, I saw The King's Speech, which I enjoyed much more, and not at all in a mindless way. I'd never really given much of a damn about the 20th century English royalty: my interest kind of tapers off after about the 18th century. So, I never knew a lot about Edward VIII's abdication, and pretty much nothing at all about George VI. But I was totally engaged in the movie, and was really touched by the story of Bertie-who-would-be-George-VI. And I love the story about the whole thing I heard in an interview on The Daily Show with Colin Firth, who was there promoting the movie. According to him, when the writer, David Seidler, originally got the idea to do the movie, he wrote to the Queen Mother, George VI's wife, to ask her permission to tell her husband's story. She told him to wait until she died to make the movie, because the memories were too painful for her. She then proceeded to live... and live... and live, just about forever. I'm glad the movie was eventually made, though. It really is excellent, and deserves any awards it wins.

Finally, probably this weekend, I believe my aunt and uncle and I are off to see the True Grit remake. I dunno, I have an occasional fondness for westerns, and it'll be the second Jeff Bridges movie I see this month. And it's something Aunt D and Uncle B want to see, and they are notoriously picky about going to see movies in the theater. Well, Aunt D is, anyway.

And, hell, if I have time, I might go see Black Swan, too, though maybe not this month. We'll see. I do want to see it eventually. If I do go in January, though, it means I'll have seen, in one month, more movies than I saw all year last year. For the record, last year I saw: Iron Man 2, How to Train Your Dragon, and Tangled. Yes, I like cartoons. What? Tangled was my dad's idea, and How to Train Your Dragon was my date's. Never mind that I was very happy to see both of them. (Technically, I also so Prince of Persia, but that was also my date's idea, and it was bad enough that I'm pretending it didn't happen. At least I avoided seeing The Last Airbender, which I desperately wanted to be good -- I liked the cartoon -- but heard in time was terrible.)

And now, I should start getting stuff together for the job interview in the morning. Exciting stuff.
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So, I don't muse on sports all that often. This is the first year I've actually paid any attention to the mechanics of the football playoffs. I only got into football a couple of years ago, at which point it all came down to voodoo, as far as I was concerned. Then last year, the Steelers just fell to fucking pieces and I didn't care quite enough about the Cowboys, and so it didn't matter. This year, the Steelers at least have got a shot (even if it was the Cowboys who fell to fucking pieces) and I'm paying attention, and when the whole process isn't giving me a headache, it's really very interesting.

So. The AFC (and for the moment, I only care about the AFC) looks like this:

1. Patriots
2. Steelers
3. Colts
4. Chiefs
5. Ravens
6. Jets

This weekend, the Colts play the Jets and the Chiefs play the Ravens. I'm just going to muse on some of the outcomes and what they might mean for us getting to the Superbowl (verdict: unlikely but possible).

I haven't been paying much mind to the Colts this year, as we haven't played them at all. From what I've gathered, they've had a pretty mediocre year, not one of Manning's best. The Jets, on the other hand, have been having a wildly uneven year. They've gone from brilliant to just awful, and back again. It's hard to say if pretty consistent mediocrity will beat fatally inconsistent brilliance.

And really, it's the Colts/Jets game that's going to be important. Baltimore is going to cream Kansas City. I don't think there's anyone who has any doubts of that. The Ravens are going to be winning that game. So, it comes down to whether Indianapolis or New York wins.

If the Colts win, they'll absolutely be the high seed winner, and they'll play us, while Baltimore will play the Patriots. This might well be the optimum outcome. I'm pretty sure we can beat the Colts this year. Meanwhile, the Ravens have beaten the Patriots already this season. They could do it again. If so, we'd likely end up playing them after that, and we're pretty evenly matched with them. I'd say it'd be about 50/50, but we absolutely can beat them. And the Ravens play nasty, so even if they lose to the Patriots, they might beat them up enough for us to snatch a victory in the Conference Championship.

On the other hand, if the Jets win, they'll be the automatic low seed, meaning they'll play the Patriots, while we play the Ravens. This outcome... not so favorable. Once again, we've got a fair to good chance of beating the Ravens. However, as previously mentioned, the Ravens are all about doing maximum damage to the opposing team, and, being our division rivals, they've got a particular hate-on for us, and for specific, key members of our team. If they can take out Ward, Polomalu, or Rothlisberger, they absolutely will. Anything to leave us unprepared to play against whoever wins the Patriots/Jets match-up. Which... well.

The Jets have beaten the Patriots this season. And then were unceremoniously creamed in the rematch. They could muster themselves to beat the Patriots again. Or they could continue with their ongoing tailspin and just serve as an appetizer. Even on the tailspin, though, the Jets beat us. So. Most likely, the Patriots will crush the Jets, and we'll limp over to New England and get our butts kicked. Or, by some miracle, the Jets will win and come to Pittsburgh, where... well, we'll just have to hope they fall to pieces again.

In the unlikely event, though, that we somehow triumph over the Patriots or whoever beats the Patriots, and we go the Superbowl, we will then have to face either the Saints or the Falcons. We've played both of these teams already this year. We beat the Falcons (one of only three teams, including the Saints!), and were steamrolled by the Saints. I'm not sure we could beat the Falcons again. I mean, on the one hand, we beat them without Big Ben, but we beat them on the first game of the season. You could very legitimately argue that they weren't really warmed up yet. And we just barely beat them in a very low-scoring game. So. Maybe, maybe not; but I'm tending towards not. As for the Saints? I'm going with "no." I'd be very interested to see the game played between the Saints and the Patriots -- I honestly think that's what's going to happen, though I'm really pulling for us and the Falcons. But, yeah, us and the Saints? Going with the Saints.

So, very long story short, I'm thinking that we have a 25% chance at best of making it to the Superbowl in the first place, and only a, say, 40% chance of winning that if we get there. But, hey, we've won the Superbowl with essentially this same team and much lower odds. So. We'll see.
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So, you know the Christmas season has officially started when you can no longer leave the house without being bombarded with Christmas music. We're already a few weeks in, and I really just want to take a bazooka to every store speaker that I might possibly walk into. I want it all to be over. Now.

What makes me sad is that I love Christmas music. Love it. But I can't stand what I hear on the radio. I'm really a traditionalist at heart. You want to compose a new Christmas-themed song and sing it? Good for you. I'll be happy to listen to it, though I may or may not ever think of it again. But traditional carols? Man, I love traditional carols. "We Three Kings," "What Child is This," "The Holly and the Ivy," "Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella," "O Holy Night"... I could go on all night. But, see, I want to hear these songs sung traditionally. No frills, no trills, no reinterpretations. Just the song, sung to the traditional tune to the traditional beat. I don't want to hear your country version of "Come All Ye Faithful," I don't want to hear your pop/rock version of "Good King Wenceslas." Just sing the damned song the way it's been sung for god only knows how long.

I know that every big-name singer worth being referred to as big-name has to release at least one Christmas/winter themed album some time in their career, and it's going to include at least a couple of carols. And I know that these singers are obliged to put their own spin on the songs, or why bother doing it. They have to make their version distinctive, so if you hear it, you know who's singing it. Thing is, I don't want to know who's singing. I just want to hear the song.

Anyway, this year, I've decided to go on a scavenger hunt for really simple, bare-bones carols. Unsurprisingly, most of the versions I like best are by artists I've never heard of, and I (so far) don't have two songs by the same artist.

In years past, I've been in mourning for the my lost Mormon Tabernacle Choir album. It was actually an album -- y'know, a set of long-playing records. It was a collection that was offered for sale from Readers Digest or someone decades ago, and those particular recordings are no longer available anywhere, in any format. It was really my dad's, but he hadn't listened to any of his records in years when I claimed them. Anyway, that Tabernacle album was absolutely the best collection of Christmas carols I've ever encountered. I loved it. But, when I moved out, I didn't take it with me -- it's not like I had a record player, and I didn't have room to take my dad's. When I started looking for it a couple of years later... it was gone. All the records were gone. That was about three years ago, and I'm still bitter.

I'm hoping that this new mix I'm putting together will be almost as good, and I can just listen to it to cure me of my store-radio-induced headaches.


May. 25th, 2010 01:33 pm
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When you come right down to it, I am a geek. Specifically, I'm a geek who loves lists. Kind of always have been. When I was, say, about eleven, I decided to pull out a notebook and make a list of all the books I owned, title and author. For the record, I'm pretty sure the number hovered around 800. Yeah, I had a lot of books. But, see, knowing how many books I had, and which books they were, and where I had them stored (I had so many, I had to be rather creative in regards to storage) wasn't enough. I had to know how many pages they all had, and how much that added up to. So I spent days going through every book I owned, writing down the page count, and then even more days going through with a calculator adding it all up. And then I wanted to know how many words that was, so I started trying to come up with an estimated wordcount per page. Looking back on it, I might have been (and might still be) just a little OCD.

When I got my first computer, and discovered spreadsheets and databases, well. Things started getting a little out of hand.

Then I got into fanfic and discovered del.icio.us. My obsession with tagging is actually a little frightening.

In the spirit of my obsession, I spent a couple of days going through the upcoming Big Bang descriptions and posting dates, and created a database of the ones that I thought looked interesting. I'm currently resisting the temptation to start creating multiple tables and adding several new fields of descriptors, like: Have I read anything by that author before? If so, did I like what I read enough to save it to delicious? If not, did I like it, but just not enough to save it? Am I interested in reading the fic because the description sounds good, regardless of the author, or am I willing to look at it because I trust the author regardless of whether I found the description interesting? Or is it a fic with an interesting description written by an author I trust? Am I really eager to read the fic, or is it just something I'll take a look at? And so on.

But anyway. My point is that I figured out how many Big Bangs I'm currently planning on at least attempting to read (112, for the record). And that got me thinking. I still have a bookmark folder filled with fics (mostly Supernatural and CWRPF) that I want to read but haven't had a chance to get around to. The folder is quite large. I'll never ever lack reading material. But, I knew that a few of the fics in that folder were Big Bangs from previous years. So, I decided to go through and tag all them, to see how many. It took all night, but I finally discovered that I still have 38 Big Bangs from 2009, and 11 from 2008 bookmarked and waiting to be read.

But figuring out how many I had waiting to be read was not enough. It got me thinking: how long would it take me to actually read all of those? And wordcounts are much more useful in figuring that out than just numbers of fics (after all, a fic of 100,000 words would take considerably longer than one of 20,000). So I went through every one of the Big Bangs that I have bookmarked, and put the wordcounts into a spreadsheet (separate columns for 2009 and 2008), and added it all up. I have 2,158,612 words (give or take, since most of the given wordcounts are approximate, and even I'm not obsessed enough to go through all of them to get accurate counts, even with my handy-dandy wordcount addon for Firefox) worth of fic to read. In addition to the 112 fics (minimum of 20,000 words each, so a minimum of 2,240,000 words total, with an absolute guarantee that pretty much every single one of them will be over the minimum, with many of them being considerably over) for this year.

And still my obsessive geekery is not satisfied. I have read that the average mass market paperback holds an approximate average of about 300 words per page. My own investigations (which involve pulling random books from my shelf, counting the words from a random line on a random page, and multiplying it by the number of lines on the page) suggest something closer to somewhere between 400 and 500 words per page. In the spirit of compromise, I decided to divide the wordcounts by 400. Which means that for previous years' Big Bangs, I have approximately 5,397 pages worth of fic to read. At an average of perhaps 400 pages per novel, that's about 13.5 novels. For this year, there will be a minimum of 14 novels worth of material. If I assume that the average wordcount for this year will be similar to last year, and that the 49 wordcounts that I currently have in my spreadsheet offer at least a semi-valid sample, then the average wordcount will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 44,053 per fic. So, for 112 fics, that's 4,933,970 words. Which boils down to about 31 novels.

This has actually been kind of embarrassing. I swear, I'm not actually obsessive compulsive. Except possibly where it comes to my delicious tags -- 16 bundles holding 1,498 tags might be a little excessive for most people, particularly given how often I feel compelled to go back through my 800 bookmarks to add entirely new descriptors.

And for those of you playing at home, this post has been 957 words long.
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Random thought for the night: Jensen Ackles is much prettier than Dean Winchester. This is somewhat inexplicable, but true. Jared Padalecki, on the other hand, is mind-bogglingly, mouth-wateringly hot both as himself and Sam Winchester, but the hotness factor ratchets up to 11 when he's Lucifer. This is not really all that inexplicable, but just as true.


May. 13th, 2010 10:15 pm
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I didn't get to watch the SPN finale in real time. This makes me quite sad. Why do I always end up with Thursday night classes? Tonight was the first class for Business Econ, and the dude took up every last minute of his three hours and ten minutes. Plus a few. So class didn't even end until after nine. I didn't get home, with one thing and another, until after ten. So no spn in real time. Not that I could have watched it anyway. Life interfered with me seeing 5x21 last week, and I kinda decided that, all things considered, it would be better to spare myself the suspense of the no-doubt heart-wrenching semi-finale, and just watch the two back to back. Which I'll just be doing anyway. So whatever. Just. I didn't even get the option. :(

Today was a good day, anyway. Aside from class, I also got my hair done, got my ears pierced again, and went to lunch/dinner with L.

I got my hair a lot shorter than I usually do -- usually it's an even just-above-shoulder length, and now it's just-below-chin length in front and just-above-neck length in back. I think it looks good. We'll have to see how it looks once I've washed and brushed it myself -- it always looks so much different than when the hair dresser does it.

I finally decided to just go for it, and got a third set of piercings in my ears. I love earrings, and any excuse to wear more of them is good by me. I got it done in an actual piercing parlor, as opposed to the previous three piercings (including the one that ended in disaster), which I just got done at those kiosks in the mall. This one, he did the piercing by hand, rather than with a gun, and it hurt quite a bit more. The last two mostly just felt like bee stings, although I remember the first one hurting about that much. I can't be sure about that, though: it was a long time ago, I was only ten, and my pain threshold was considerably lower. Also, that was the one that got a horrible infection. Could be I was already reacting (though I doubt it). Anyway, I now have a serviceable pair of hoops in my ears, and they're gonna be there for a couple of months, minimum. And my ears don't heal quickly, so it may be a bit longer than that. But, yay for more piercings. Though these will likely be my last. I might get one more in the cartilage of my ear(s), but that's it. I don't have any desire for bits of metal in any other part of my body.

Lunch went pretty well, I thought. L continues to be awesome, and she seems to like me, which, yay for me. We were eating in the Panera downstairs from my classroom so that I could duck out at the last possible second, and we got so caught up in a discussion of games and comic book movies, that I still managed to be late. That's a good sign, I think.

That was my day. It was a good day. And I will no doubt have more to say once I've seen 5x21 and 5x22. Just have to wait for for the latter to be put up.
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Oh god, I love apple juice not from the concentrate. Can you have a foodgasm from juice?